You can transform complex, multiple-screen SAP transactions into single-screen transactions, thus increasing both ease of use and data entry speed. On this page we will show you a typical example, including the SAP standard transaction, our simplified transaction, and the necessary scripts.



1 A short example: Create material master (MM01)














2 MM01 standard, Screen 2













3 MM01 standard, Screen 3







4 MM01 standard, Screen 4
















5 MM01 standard, Screen 5














6 MM01 standard, Final Screen















7 MM01 simplified
















8 MM01 simplified
















9 GuiXT Script


The relevant new commands in the GuiXT script are the definition of additional input fields (command InputField), and the Process= parameter in the Pushbutton command. It refers to the Input Script below.












10 Input Script


The Input Script defines the mapping of the input values to the fields of the SAP multiple-screen transaction, and the necessary navigation commands.

It would be quite easy to add some more input fields here, if necesssary.