Function With ApplyGuiScript you can use VBScript in order to access the screen object model (requires SAP GUI 6.20,  "SAP GUI Scripting API for Windows" ) . For example, you can handle special controls like the "grid" control.
Example ApplyGuiScript  "activate_document_link.vbs"
Format ApplyGuiScript  "filename"

"filename" is the name of a .vbs file. If you do not specify the full path for the file, GuiXT takes the current script directory. It is also possible to use files from SAP Web Repository.

ApplyGuiScript  template="templatefilename"

"templatefilename" is the name of a .vbs file.  GuiXT copies the template file into a temporary file, replaces the variables, e.g. "&V[varname]",  and executes the script.

Components GuiXT + InputAssistant