Purpose With CacheFile you can copy a file into the GuiXT cache. The file can be in the SAP Web Repository, SAP Mime Repository, on an http-Server, ftp-Server or in a shared network folder. Local files are not copied.
CacheFile command is useful e.g. when you display an HTML file from web repository with Control and the HTML display needs further files such as image files. GuiXT automatically copies HTML files from Web Repository into the cache to display them in the browser control, but it does not automatically copy all further files that will be needed.

CacheFile "companylogo.png"

If the currrent script directory is not a local folder, the file "companylogo.png" is copied from the script directory into the cache.

Format CacheFile "file name"

localFileName= Returns the local path to the cached file in the given variable

-classLibrary For .NET class libraries (dll). The dll is not copied from the current script directory but from the ".NET class libraries" path specified in GuiXT profile.

Components GuiXT