Purpose With Clear you can reset a variable to its inital value "". When you specify a SAP data dictionary structure the type dependent initial value is used, e.g. "00000000" for a date field.

Within structures components of ABAP types C, P, N, D and  T are supported. All other types such as floating point numbers  are handled as Type-C-fields and reset to Space.
Examples Clear V[init]

The variable is deleted. The value "" will be returned when reading it later.

Clear V[VA01_*]

All variables whose names start with VA01_ are deleted.

Clear text[description]

The long text  obtains the value  "".


The variable obtains the initial values according to the SAP data dictionary structure BAPIMEREQITEMIMP.


Component QUANTITY in V[wa] is set to its initial value according to structure BAPIMEREQITEMIMP; in this case 0 in packed decimal format.

Clear V[varname] Deletes the variable varname
Clear V[varname*] Deletes all variables whose names start with varname
Clear V[varname](STRUCNAME) Sets the initial values according to structure STRUCNAME
Clear V[varname](STRUCNAME-FLDNAME) Sets the iniutal vlaue of component FLDNAME according to structure STRUCNAME
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