Purpose With ColumnHeader you can change the column headers in a table control.
Examples ColumnHeader [Material] "Product"

ColumnHeader [Table.2,Material] "Product"

Format ColumnHeader [column] "text"

ColumnHeader [table,column] "text"

The table name should be specified if there are 2 or more tables on the screen and the column name is not unique. You name the table by its title, if a table title is shown, or otherwise as Table, Table.2, ... If you click on View->Screen elements in GuiXT you see the correct name of the table.

Icon and quickinfo You can also display an icon and a quickinfo. Use the following SAP notation:

ColumnHeader [column] "@id\Qquickinfo@text"

Here id is the short name of an SAP icon, quickinfo is the quickinfo string and text is the column header. You will find a list of all SAP icons in transaction ICON, and a list of all icon short names in the ABAP program <ICON> (Transaction SE38, enter the program name <ICON> and press the Display button).


ColumnHeader [Description] "@8O\QEnter a description please@Description"

Tips & Tricks You can use the icon and the quickinfo to mark a column in a table.
Components GuiXT