Purpose With Comment you can  display any given comment text on the SAP screen
Examples Comment (10,50) "Please use form M10A"
Comment (11,50) "for printout"
Format Comment (position) "text"
Icon and quickinfo You can also display an icon and a quickinfo. Use the following SAP notation:

Comment (position) "@id\Qquickinfo@text"

Here id is the short name of an SAP icon, quickinfo is the quickinfo string and text is the displayed text. You will find a list of all SAP icons in transaction ICON, and a list of all icon short names in the ABAP program <ICON> (Transaction SE38, enter the program name <ICON> and press the Display button).

You can insert a new line by using \n in the text.


Comment (1,61) "@OI\QHints for data maintenance@Hint"
& Tricks
  • If you want to display a text in a more esthetic way, you can use the Image command or you can use the WebView command for the display of an html file or an rtf text (e.g. as produced in Microsoft Word) .
Components GuiXT