The GuiXT Debugger can be started with a click on the "Debug" icon in GuiXT:

This opens a "Debug" window (see picture below). As soon as an InputScript is executed while the Debug window is open, InputScript processing automatically switches to debug mode. When you close the window during InputScript processing, the script is continued in non-debug mode.

In the Debug window you can:

  • view the content of each variable

  • evaluate expressions that can contain variables, parameters or field values

  • process the InputScript step by step

  • set breakpoints

The active script line (i.e. the line that will be executed next) is marked in yellow. To set a breakpoint, just click on the line. It is then displayed with a light blue background. To reset the breakpoint, click on the line again. 

Breakpoints can be set on all executable statements and on "Screen" commands, but not on empty lines or on comment lines.

Clicking on a variable adds it to the "Expressions" list. Here you can also  enter other expressions, e.g. using substring notation &V[abc](50-100), or displaying parameters like &U[ABCD]. You can also use nested expressions like "&V[QTY_&V[i]]".

When a breakpoint is reached, the line is shown in green. For each active line, the Debug window also shows the script line after evaluating  all &-expressions. For example, instead of "&F[T092T-VMTXT]", as written in the InputScript, you see the text "Real property tax" (line just above the Step/Continue buttons).

Any syntax errors in the script are shown as a popup messages during stepwise processing.