Purpose With GetFieldAttribute you can read attributes of a screen element (field, button, table, table column)
Examples GetFieldAttribute F[Business area.] row="frow"

The row number is read into the variable V[frow].

GetFieldAttribute [Alle Positionen,12] header="chead"

The column header is read into the variable V[chead].

Format GetFieldAttribute F[element] options
[column] options

You can specify one or several of the following options.

GetFieldAttribute cell[table,column,row] options

row= row number
column= column number
textrow= row number of the field text (label)
textcolumn= column number of the field text (label)
text= field text (label)
size= field size
techname= technical name, e.g. VBKD-BSTKD
header= for columns: Header
columnnumber= for columns: column number in table
displaycolumnnumber= for columns: column number in screen display
width= for columns: column width
for controls: control width
height= for controls: control height
buttontext= for buttons: text
buttonicon= for buttons: icon id
buttontooltip= for buttons: tooltip
protected= For entry fields, checkboxes, radiobuttons: 'X' = readonly field. For pushbuttons: 'X' = button not active.
Components GuiXT (only useful with InputAssistant)