Purpose With GetTableAttribute you can read attributes of a table displayed on screen (table control).
Example GetTableAttribute T[Table] FirstVisibleRow=FVisRow LastVisibleRow=LVisRow LastRow=LastRow

The specified attributes of the table are read into the variables  V[FVisRow],, V[LVisRow], V[LastRow].

Format GetTableAttribute tabid ... attribute=varname ...

Following attributes are available:

FirstVisibleRow= Number of the first row that is visible on screen (starting with 1)

LastVisibleRow= Number of the last row that is visible on screen

LastRow= Number of the last row of the table  (independent of its visualization)

For example, at the beginning of a table display you could have FirstVisibleRow=1, LastVisibleRow=12, LastRow=115; i.e. rows 1 to 12 are currently displayed, and the table has 115 rows in total.

& Tricks
Components GuiXT (only useful with InputAssistant)