Purpose With GlobalTextReplace you can replace a text in the display of all SAP screens.
Example GlobalTextReplace "company code" "regional office"
Format GlobalTextReplace "old" "new"

The string is replaced in the following screen elements:

  • Field labels
  • Screen title
  • Group box title
  • Push button title and quickinfo
  • Message line
  • Menu texts
  • Column headers in tables
  • Table title

The following rules apply for the text replacement:

  1. It is not case-sensitive, but the first character remains in upper case or lower case
  2. Longer texts are replaced before shorter ones

The command GlobalTextReplace should be put into the script ESession.txt (E=English; ISession.txt for Italian etc.). This script is performed exactly once for each SAP session, after the logon screen.

& Tricks
  • The command TextReplace has the same effect, but for a single screen only
Components GuiXT