Purpose With Goto you can control the InputScript processing.
Example Goto NextPosition

Label NextPosition
Screen SAPMVCF66G.0400

Format Goto labelname

Label labelname

The InputScript processing is continued with the line following the specified label.

& Tricks
  • Backward Gotos are possible. They are dangerous since you could run into an infinite loop. If you produce an infinite loop, you can activate the "Visible auto processing" option in GuiXT in order to stop it, and then use a /N-command in order to start a new transaction.
  • If you place the Label statement before a Screen statement, the processing of the current screen is terminated after the Goto. If you place it after the Screen statement, the processing continues even if the screen names are different
  • It is possible to use if/else/endif within a Screen processing block, but it is not possible to put Screen commands inside of if/else/endif. Use Goto instead.
Components GuiXT + InputAssistant