GUI Scripting in VB

Overview GuiNET Demo is a windows forms application that shows how to use the GuiNET interface with the help of many usefull examples. It is written in VB.NET. You can download the complete Visual Studio project here: (made with Visual Studio 2012)

The GUI of the demo program showing a list of orders for customer number 1032.
Project Settings You have to check all referenced libraries before you can compile the project. Most important is the library guinet.dll. You can find this file in the GuiXT installation directory and also in the debug or release directory together with the other required dll files.

GuiNET was compiled targeting the .NET framework version 4 so all references libraries have to match this version. The GuiNET demo project also needs to have the .NET 4.0 framework chosen as the target framework in the project settings.

The references are:

GuiNET.dll (SAP GUI Scripting within .NET code)
Interop.SAPFEWSELib (SAP GUI Scripting API)
sapnco (SAP .NET Connector for calling rfc function modules)
sapnco_utils (same as sapnco)
Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel (.NET interface for Excel)
Configuring GuiNET demo In order to be able to read data from an SAP System, some connection parameters need to be provided for the application. Furthermore a valid license key is required. Please contact us and we will send you a testkey.

Hint: The connetion parameters are the same as those used to log on to the SAP GUI.

The connection parameters used to log on to the SAP System

For testing purposes the SAP GUI window can be displayed while GuiNET calls are being processed. That means on the first call of a scripting method the SAP GUI window will become visible and stay open until the GuiNET demo application will be closed. 

The path for temporary files is used to save an order as an HTML file there. 

A valid licensekey is required