Purpose The function module  /guixt/submitreport offers you a comfortable way to submit an ABAP report via RFC and to process the list output. For ABAP reports that generate an ALV grid, the grid data is also returned. Calling SAP query reports is also supported.

You execute the function with the Call statement.


  • The function module has been imported into your SAP system (see "Import of the function module" below)
  • The RFC user has the necessary user authorizations (see "Authorizations" below)
Import of the
 function module
Authorizations You can either execute the Call with the RFC user specified in the GuiXT profile or with the user that is currently logged on  (option -currentuser in Call command).

Following authorizations are needed:

Function group authorization for /GUIXT/DB01:

Transaction authorization for /guixt/submitreport:

Authorization to call the relevant report if an authorization group XXXX is entered for it:

Additional application authorizations may be required, depending on the report called.

Parameters The following parameters must be specified:
  • in.progname  ABAP report name  

  • in.query      SAP Query name in transaction SQ01
    in.usergroup  User group in transaction SQ01

    The query is first searched for in the respective client. If not found, then in the client-independent area.

Optional parameters:

  • in.variant  Selection variant, can be specified alternatively instead of "params" table
  • in.Domname1
    SAP DDIC domain e.g. KUNNR and a domain value in external format, e.g. 1032. In the parameter values the string @KUNNR will then be replaced by a literal with the internal value format, e.g. '0000001032'.
  • in.Domname2 to in.Domname8
    in.Domvalue2 to in.Domvalue8 further domains and values
    If a domain e.g. KUNNR is needed with several different values in the parameter values you may add a suffix to the domain name, e.g. KUNNR.X1 and KUNNR.X2.
  • in.delimiter  Field delimiter for CSV format in csvdata. Default is ";"
  • in.csvheader  If "X"", the header line is returned as the first line of csvdata
  • in.csvcolumns Numbers of the columns to be returned, e.g. "1,2,3,10,15".
  •  in.nozero If "X", values consisting only of the digit 0 and formatting characters are returned empty
  • table.params Table of selection parameters. The corresponding SAP structure is RSPARAMSL_255; it contains the following fields:
  • table.listlines Generated list (only if in.progname is specified)
  • table.csvdata Data in CSV format, if the list has a grid-compatible format. All values are returned in external format.
Example Read maintenance orders analogous to transaction IW39

// Clear output table
Clear text[csvdata]

// Read maintenance orders
"/guixt/submitreport" _
  in.progname="RIAUFK20" _
  in.variant="OPENORDERS" _

// Transfer from CSV format to table variable
fromText="csvdata" toTable=V[operations] delimiter=

Further information Further examples and explanations can be found in Tips, Tricks and Samples.


Components GuiXT + InputAssistant