Purpose With IgnoreWarning you can suppress warning messages.  GuiXT simulates an "Enter" for the warning and does not display the warning text.
Example IgnoreWarning FX783
IgnoreWarning FX248

The warnings FX783 and FX248 are ignored on this screen. You can use the  toText=  option in order to append the warning message to a text variable.

Format IgnoreWarning xxnnn

Here xxnnn is the SAP id of the message. It consists of an application area xx and a sequence number nnn. Please press F1 on the message text to display the message id together with the message documentation.

toText= The message id and  message text are appended as a new line to the given text variable.
Example IgnoreWarning F5000 totext="warnings"
IgnoreWarning F5193 toText="warnings"

// Display all warnings
if text[warnings]
  Message "&text[warnings]"
  Set text[warnings] ""
Components GuiXT