Installing the GuiXT components is simple and does not require any special installation as it is included in standard SAP GUI installation.

To use GuiXT (if you don't want to use the latest GuiXT version) you normally just need to activate it in SAP GUI -> "Customize Local Layout (Alt+F12)":

This is also valid for InputAssistant and Controls for which you need a license key (see below).

Our dedicated development tool GuiXT Script Editor Pro is available as a separate setup on our download page.

Installation instructions for a new installation or upgrade, full installation, all components

Please close all SAP GUI windows and also the SAP Logon window. Otherwise it may be necessary to restart your PC after running the GuiXT setup program.

Step by step installation

1 Download of setup file

Download GuiXT Setup.
You can find information about the current version on the download page.
The  Setup will install GuiXT, InputAssistant and Controls.

2 Run setup

Run the file guixtsetup.exe. The setup proposes the SAP GUI directory:

  • C:\Program Files (x86)\SAP\FrontEnd\SAPgui for 32-bit SAP GUI

  • C:\Program Files\sap\FrontEnd\SAPgui for 64-bit SAP GUI (as of SAP GUI 8.00)


In the case of a GuiXT update there is now nothing more to be done.

3 New installation: Order your 30-day testkey or a license key and enter the key in GuiXT profile

Please note your SAP installation number. It is displayed when you click on System->Status. Example: 0220452822.
Fill in our License key order form. Synactive will then send you your license file within a few minutes.

4 Maintain GuiXT profile

Display GuiXT Profile and specify the license file in "License agreement file". Choose / create an appropriate directory for your scripts in "Directory1", e.g. C:\GuiXT\Scripts.