Purpose With Listimage you can display image files in SAP ABAP lists. All features of the Image command are available. You specify the position of the image within the list via a suitable string that you can choose in the Listimage command.


  • The images are not included if you print the list
  • An image is only shown when the corresponding image string is on the currently displayed part of the list. This means that if you scroll down the image vanishes completely as soon as the line containing the image string is no longer visible. On the other hand, at the bottom of the page the upper part of an image remains visible.

Please note:

Attribute an interface status to your report by means of the ABAP command "Set PF-Status ...". The GuiXT script can then be called up under the report name you have chosen, e.g. "ZIMGR000.D0120.txt".  The Dynpronumber in lists is always 120.
Failing the attribution of such a status the list will appear under the program name "SAPMSSY0" and the script would then be processed for all reports which have no attributed interface status.

Example Listimage "@Cs" (0,0) (20,50) "C:\GuiXT\Images\ffm.gif"  

The image file C:\GuiXT\Images\ffm.gif is displayed in the list instead of each occurrence of the string @Cs. The image coordinates are evaluated relative to the position of the string.

Variable images If you want to display variable images, depending on the value of a certain field within a list section, you specify the value immediately to the right of the search string and within normal brackets, e.g.


In this case the name of the image file is modified: the string &par is replaced with the given value. Example:

Listimage "@Cs" (0,0) (20,50) "\\p800\products\&par.gif"

The image file \\p800\products\12345678.gif is displayed. Both the search string @Cs and the value (12345678) are deleted in the list.

Options Same options as in the Image command; multiple images and interactions are also possible.
  • Listmage "string" (row,column) "name of the image file"

    The coordinates
    (row,column) define the position of the top left hand corner of the image relative to the "string" in question.
  • Listmage "string" (row1,column1) (row2,column2) "name of the image file"

    Analogous to the
    Image command.
& Tricks
  • You should choose a unique search string, otherwise the image is displayed at other positions as well. Use special character combinations, e.g. @%.
  • Images can also be display at TOP-OF-PAGE or within the column heading lines of the list.
Examples of a list with and without GuiXT

ListImage "@Ci" (0,0) (6,50) "C:\GuiXT\Images\&par.gif" -NoStretch
ListImage "@Ca" (0,0) (4,47) "C:\GuiXT\Images\&par.gif" -Plain

Components GuiXT