Purpose With LocalValueHelp you can dynamically assign a local value help to an entry field. SAP standard fields, your own InputFields and table columns are supported. The local help popup is invoked with the right mouse button or  with the value help key.

LocalValueHelp F[Document type] domain="EXT_DOCTYPE"

LocalValueHelp [All Items,Unit] domain="EXT_MEINS"

Format LocalValueHelp F[entry field] domain="DOMNAME"

The local value help file is searched as file "dom.E.DOMNAME.txt" in the directory that you have specified as "Domains" in GuiXT profile. Here "E" is the language key (E=English, D=German, F=French,...).

When you apply it to your own InputField, please use the field label. Example:

InputField (10,1)"Reference" (10,20) size="10" name="Refnr"
F[Reference] domain="MATREFERENCE"

If the InputField has no label, you use the name of the internal variable instead:

InputField (10,1) size="10" name="MM02_Ref2" -nolabel
F[MM02_Ref2] domain="MATREFERENCE"

Table columns are denoted with the table title or technical table name together with column title or technical column name. Examples:

LocalValueHelp [All Items,Unit] domain="EXT_MEINS"


For your own tables you use the table name and column name. Example:

Table (6,1) (16,120) name="cts" rows=100 title="Components"
Column "Unit" name="unit" size=6

LocalValueHelp [cts,unit] domain="meins"


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