Purpose With NoInput you can cancel a field group or field's possibility for input.
Example NoInput F[Company code]
Format NoInput [Screen element]

NoInput [Table,columnname]

NoInput [Table,*,rownumber]

The input possibility is cancelled for fields, check boxes and radiobuttons. In the case of field groups the cancellation applies for all elements within them.

You can also specify a table, a table column or a table row.

Options -SearchHelp F4 search help remains possible
Example The following script cancels the input possibility for the column "Description", and for all already existing table rows (component InputAssistant required for variable handling):

if Q[Transaction=VA02] and Q[Page=Sales]

NoInput [All items,Description]

// Row index
Set V[i] 1

label NextItem

// Position filled? Then no input
Set V[VA02_item] "&cell[All items,Item,&V[i]]"

if V[VA02_item]
NoInput [All items,*,&V[i]]
Set V[i] &V[i] + 1
goto NextItem

& Tricks
  • It is possible to combine NoInput and Default
  • Row numbers always refer to the visible part of the table, starting with 1.
Components GuiXT