Purpose With Parameter you can define a parameter for an InputScript. When you activate the InputScript you can specify a value for each of its parameters.
Examples Parameter Amount

Parameter Curr "USD"

This defines two parameters: Amount and Curr. The parameter Curr obtains the value "USD" if no using is specified for the parameter in the InputScript call.

You can use a parameter in any of the InputScript lines with its symbolic name &[Name], e.g. &[Amount] and &[Curr] .

Format Parameter Name

Parameter Name "Defaultvalue"

& Tricks
  • You can query whether a parameter has a value different from space, resulting either from using or from its default value:

if U[Name]

  • It is also possible to compare it with a fixed value:

if U[Name=Value]


if not U[Curr=USD] and not U[Curr=SFR]
"Currency &[Curr] is not supported here"

Components GuiXT + InputAssistant