Purpose With Pushbutton you can create your own pushbuttons within an SAP screen or within the toolbar. You can make both the menu functions and the navigation to other transactions directly accessible with your own pushbuttons.
Pushbutton (10,50) "Split Screen Editor" "SCMP"

You create a pushbutton at row 10, column 50 with text Split Screen Editor. Clicking on the button invokes the internal code SCMP which then starts the Split Screen Editor.

Internal codes How do I find the internal codes?
Choose the desired function in the transaction menu and press F1 while the mouse cursor points to this function. Now the SAP system displays the internal function code in a pop-up window
  • Pushbutton (row,column) "Pushbutton text" "FCode" Process="..." 
    Adds a pushbutton on position (row,column). The pushbutton invokes the internal code FCode. This can be a code from the menu, e.g. SCMP, a transaction code like /NFB01 or /OMM02 or a F-key or a combination of F-keys in format /nn.
    Process="..."  relates to the InputScript file. You can omit the "fcode" parameter if only "Enter" is needed in order to continue with the transaction.
  • Pushbutton (Toolbar) "Pushbutton text" "FCode"
    Adds a pushbutton in the application toolbar. A free function key is assigned automatically and displayed in the quickinfo.
  • Pushbutton (Toolbar) "Pushbutton text" "FCode" "Fkey"
    Optionally you can specify a function key of your choice as an additional parameter Fkey using the format F1,..F12, Shift+F1,...,Shift+F12, Ctrl+F1,...,Ctrl+F12, Shift+Ctrl+F1,...,Shift+Ctrl+F12. If this function key is already in use the system chooses the next available number.
    example: Shift+F5  ->  F17, F3 -> F3
Icon and quickinfo You can also display an icon and a quickinfo. Use the following SAP notation:

Pushbutton (position) "@id\Qquickinfo@text"

Here id is the short name of an SAP icon, quickinfo is the quickinfo string and text is the pushbutton text. You will find a list of all SAP icons in transaction ICON, and a list of all icon short names in the ABAP program <ICON> (Transaction SE38, enter the program name <ICON> and press the Display button).
Please read also Tip 24 Choosing an icon.


Pushbutton (10,50) "@3G\QInvoke the Split Screen Editor@Split Screen" "SCMP"

Size=x The pushbutton is displayed in a larger size (x rows). The default size is 1, maximum 99.
Size=(x,y) The pushbutton is displayed in a larger size (x rows and y columns).
-disabled The pushbutton is disabled.
-separator In conjunction with (Toolbar). The pushbutton is separated from the existing ones by a small vertical line.
group= In conjunction with (Toolbar). On S/4HANA and Belize/Fiori visual theme the button is displayed in the given area. Default is "A".
For details see Tips, Tricks and Sample, Optimize the toolbar in Fiori theme
-noIcon In conjunction with (Toolbar). On S/4HANA and Belize/Fiori visual theme the button is displayed without icon even if the icon is specified in the button text.
-noFUnctionkey In conjunction with (Toolbar). No function key is assigned to the button.
& Tricks
  • You can delete pushbuttons from the toolbar using del [Pushbutton text]
  • You can add a quickinfo to an existing pushbutton using Tip [Pushbutton text] "Quickinfo".
  • New pushbuttons in the toolbar are added on the right hand side. They are also displayed in the function key overview window (right mouse button); here the order corresponds to the assigned function keys.
  • Tips&Tricks for beginners can be found in GuiXT tutorial 2 Define own pushbuttons .
  • A combination of function keys with the  Ctrl and Shift keys can be represented by a number between 13 and 48

    Shift = +12
    Ctrl  = +24

    The  Enter key can be represented by /0 (digit 0).

    Shift+F1      /13            Ctrlt+F1      /25           Shift+Ctrl+F1      /37
    Shift+F2      /14            Ctrlt+F2      /26           Shift+Ctrl+F2      /38
    Shift+F3      /15            Ctrlt+F3      /27           Shift+Ctrl+F3      /39
    Shift+F4      /16            Ctrlt+F4      /28           Shift+Ctrl+F4      /40
    Shift+F5      /17            Ctrlt+F5      /29           Shift+Ctrl+F5      /41
    Shift+F6      /18            Ctrlt+F6      /30           Shift+Ctrl+F6      /42
    Shift+F7      /19            Ctrlt+F7      /31           Shift+Ctrl+F7      /43
    Shift+F8      /20            Ctrlt+F8      /32           Shift+Ctrl+F8      /44
    Shift+F9      /21            Ctrlt+F9      /33           Shift+Ctrl+F9      /45
    Shift+F10    /22            Ctrlt+F10    /34           Shift+Ctrl+F10    /46
    Shift+F11    /23            Ctrlt+F11    /35           Shift+Ctrl+F11    /47
    Shift+F12    /24            Ctrlt+F12    /36           Shift+Ctrl+F12    /48


    Pushbutton (toolbar) "Show attachment" "/34" "F8"

    By pressing the pushbutton Ctrl+F10 will be executed. The user could also execute the function directly by pressing "F8" instead.

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