Purpose With Radiobutton you can replace an input field with a series of radiobuttons. Instead of having to enter a certain code, the user can simply click on one of the radiobuttons. This will make the operation much easier for the untrained user and save time for the trained user.

Instead of a single field you can also specify up to 6 fields and values for one radiobutton. In this case clicking on the radiobutton means that each of these fields gets the corresponding value when you press the Enter button.

Please note: In addition, there is a RadioButton syntax if you work with InputScripts and internal variables; see InputAssistant Documentation Radiobutton.

Example Radiobutton (10,1) "Cash sale"      F[Order type] "CS"
Radiobutton (11,1) "Internet order" F[Order type] "IO"
Radiobutton (12,1) "Returns"        F[Order type] "RE"
del F[Order type]

A radiobutton with text "Cash sale" will appear at row 10, column 1. Clicking on the text or button is equivalent to entering the value "CS" in the field [Order type]. Similarly, when the system displays the screen with a value "CS" in the field [Order type], the radiobutton "Cash sale" is activated.

Format Radiobutton (position) "Text next to radiobutton" [Input field] "Value"

Radiobutton (position) "Text next to radiobutton" [F1] "V1" [F2] "V2" ...

Example with several fields Radiobutton (10,50) "Foods"       F[Division] "05" F[Sales office] "0001"
Radiobutton (11,50) "Cosmetics"   F[Division] "14" F[Sales office] "0002"
del F[Division]
del F[Sales office]
& Tricks
  • It is also possible to display radiobuttons as well as the input field.
    This can be of value if you cannot foresee all possible values, but you know that a small subset of values is used in most cases. If the user then clicks on a radiobutton, the corresponding value will be substituted, but if he chooses to directly enter a value, he may do so. Should both actions be performed, the radiobutton choice takes precedence.
  • If the referenced field (F[Order type] in our example) contains a value which does not correspond to any radiobutton, no radiobutton will be activated. As a rule, you should not delete the reference field if you are not sure that you have covered all possible values within the radiobutton group.
  • Radiobuttons treat " " and "00" the same way. Capital/small letter writing is also ignored. The reason for that is that "00" is shown as " " in several SAP screens (variable between edit/show screens) and small letters are transformed into capital letters. By using option "==" in front of the value you can switch off this automatic feature, i.e.:
    radiobutton (7,10) "Standard"        F[Discount] "== "
    radiobutton (7,35) "No discount"     F[Discount] "==00"
  • After an error message it might be that a certain subset of the input fields that you specified is changed to read-only by the SAP system. In this case some of your radiobuttons are changed to read-only too. The exact condition is: The radiobutton state is changed to read-only if at least one of its fields is both read-only and its value is different from the value that you specified.
  • Tips&Tricks for beginners can be found in GuiXT Tutorial 3 Support data entry .
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