Purpose Retry on error repeatedly activates the "Enter" button (following the appearance of an error message) until the error message disappears from the current screen. This is particularly useful in an InputScript following a modifying or complementary transaction, when you call up a further transaction for which the completion of the current transaction is a necessary condition. The system displays an error message until the required modification has been confirmed. If you are using Retry on error for the Screen in question, the "Enter" button will be automatically activated after a certain time.   

This automatic activating of "Enter" occurs up to 20 times in increasing time intervals: 0.3, 0.6, 0.9, 1.2, ... seconds. If the error message still appears, the processing continues as if the error message had occurred without  "Retry on error" applying.

When using "Retry on error" you don't need any additional Screen commands.

Example Retry on error
Format Retry on error
& Tricks
If you execute the InputScript in "Visible auto processing" mode, the option "Retry on error" will be ignored.
Components GuiXT + InputAssistant