Purpose With Return you can terminate the processing of an InputScript, and return to the calling screen
Example Return "Only currency USD is supported for the fast posting mode"
Format Return

Return "message text"

Return "message text" "title"

After returning, the message "message text" is displayed with title "Title".

-StatusLine The message  is displayed in the status line. An already existing SAP standard message is not shown in this case.

If the message text starts with  "S: " or "E: " or "W: ", the message is shown as information or error message or warning message. Example:

Return "E: Amount &V[amount] exceeds the limit of 50,000" -StatusLine

  • A title parameter is ignored in this case
  • The -statusline option is always assumed in "SAP GUI for HTML" environment (ITS)
& Tricks
  • As always you can use variables in the message text and title
  • By inserting \n in your message you can create a carriage return in your message, by inserting \t a tab
Components GuiXT + InputAssistant