Function With RfcConnect you can define the RFC connection to an external system.
Example RfcConnect parameters="MSHOST=/H/ R3NAME=ECQ GROUP=PUBLIC"

All following Call commands will use the given connection parameters.

RfcConnect parameters=""

The following Call commands will use the normal GuiXT RFC connection again.

Format RfcConnect parameters="[SAP RFC connection string]"
Tips & Tricks
  • You can specify user and password. If not specified, the GuiXT profile values will be used.
  • Please see the SAP documentation for the RFC connection string details.
  • You need to double " within the connection string. Example:
    RfcConnect parameters="SAPLOGON_ID=QC6 CLIENT=200 USER=""gx45"" PASSWD=""jL76@"" "
Components GuiXT + InputAssistant