Function Checks and calls up the build method for a single attribute
Example s10build( "kunnr" ).
Format data:
  myattrname type string.

  s10build( myattrname ).
Name Type Description
attrname string
Attribute name
Description The s10build() method is automatically called by the HTML Framework for all attributes to be displayed in an HTML file. However, it can also be called explicitly directly from the ABAP application. Both individual attributes and tables are supported.

s10build() first checks whether a build method exists for the attribute. This is a "public" method of the class whose name starts with "build_" and which has an export parameter with the same name as the attribute specified in s10build().

If no build method exists, no action is taken.

If a build method exists, s10build() is first called for all import parameters of the build method. Then checking is made for the current object as to whether the values of all import parameters are identical to the corresponding values in the previous call of this build method. If yes (i.e. the values are identical), no further action is taken.

If no, i.e. at least one import parameter has a different value, the build method is executed, passing the class attributes of the same name for the corresponding export and import parameters (reference passing).
Components S10 Framework