Function Reads the database table associated with the object
Example myrc =
s10databaseread( ).
Format data:
  myrc type boolean.

myrc =
  s10databaseread( ).
Name Type Description
keylist string
List of key fields to be considered (default: all)
rc boolean
'X' = values found in database
Description Prerequisite for the use of s10databaseread( ) is the assignment of the class to a database table by defining a constant "dbtablename". Example:

class db_t005t definition inheriting from /s10/any.

public section.

dbtablename type string value 't005t'

s10databaseread( ) performs a "Select Single" on this database table, in which the where condition is formed from the values of those class attributes that are key fields of the table.

If a key field of the table is of type "LANG" , i.e. the language key, the current language key SY-LANGU is added to the where condition regardless of the value of a class attribute of the same name.

If Select Single finds a matching table row, all attributes of the same name from the database are populated with the read values and the value abap_true ('X') is returned. Otherwise, a "Clear" is performed for these attributes except for the key fields and abap_false abap_false (' ') is returned.

Components S10 Framework