Function Returns a drop down list for a folder column
Example myddlstring =
s10folderlist( attrname = "kunnr" foldername = "mycustomers" ).
Format data:
  myattrname type string,
  myfoldername type string,
  myddlstring type string.

myddlstring =
      attrname = myattrname
      foldername = myfoldername ).
Name Type Description
attrname string
Column name
foldername string
Folder name
ddlstring string
Drop-down list
Description s10folderlist( ) builds up a dropdown list consisting of all values of the specified table column. For each value,
the name of the value is determined with s10standardname() and the number of values is added in brackets.

This is a simple way to provide the user with a subsequent further selection in a table display.



 <label class='label'>Status</label><br />
<select class='inputselect' size='1' name='visits_customer_status'
style='width: 150px;'
     onchange="S10Apply('visits_customer_filter', '', this);">

* buld up ddl_visits_customer_status for column 'ktast'

foldername 'visits_customer_all
attrname 'ktast' ).

When implementing this, please note that you need two tables for the display: A basic table with all rows, in the example "visits_customer_all" with all customer contacts in the selected period. On this, s10foldername() is applied to generate the dropdown list for the status. And a second table to display the records, which is built up from the basic table according to the user selection for the status in each case.

Components S10 Framework