( Menu  Tools -> Compare Files)

This tool can be used to compare textfiles and display the changes in them.
It is also possible to export the result as a .html file.

Changes in backups of a scriptfile

By clicking "use active script" the filename of the current script in the editor is put into the second inputfield. Furthermore, all backups of the script that are available in the same directory as the scriptfile are displayed in a list. On doubleclicking an entry you can select this backupfile for a comparison.

Settings for the comparison

Text Resolution

You can choose to compare the changes "by letter" or "by line".


Ignore All: Ignore all blank spaces.
Smart Detect: Coherent spaces are interpreted as a single space
Detect All: Every single space counts as one character.

Ignore Case

Uppercase (capital letters) and lowercase are distinguished or not distinguished, as chosen.

Show Linenumbers

Lines are numbered or not, as chosen.

Navigating the resultview

At the very bottom of the dialog there is a navigationbar that can be used to jump to the changes in the resultview. The total number of changes and the number of the current one on display is shown here.