(Menu  Tools -> Insert SAP Icon)

By doubleclicking an icon, the code of the chosen icon, e.g. @12@, is put into the current script. When the cursor is in line with the command "pushbutton" then the icon-code is inserted into the command. If there is already an icon-code then it is replaced by the new one.

These options can also be activated by right-clicking an icon:

insert icon-guid only the corresponding icon-code for the chosen icon is put into the script
insert pushbutton the "pushbutton"-command + the chosen icon-code is put into the script
replace icon the icon-code for the pushbutton-command in the current line is replaced

Icon groups

There are several groups of icons available; please choose one within the "Icon Classes" menu. These selections refer to the SAP Design Guild; you can find more details here: http://www.sapdesignguild.org/resources/icons_sap/icons_start_e.htm