Overview You can define your own code blocks for example a standard script header or a correction remark. To do so, create a folder "mytemplates" in the script editor installation folder, i.e. in the folder that contains the "guixteditor.exe" file. For each code block that you want to define, create a ".txt" file in the "mytemplates" folder.

Choose meaningful file names, since the script editor uses the file names for the menu item labels.

Save marked text as template You can save the marked text in a currently opened script by right clicking it and selecting "Add to templates" in the menu. This will automatically create a corresponding file in the template directory.
Example templates Two example templates will be copied during the editor setup. They can be used as header files for new scripts. You may delete just delete the files if you do not need these templates.
Choose a directory You can choose a directory for the template files in the settings.