Purpose With SelectFile you can open a dialog box that lets the user specify the name of a file
Example SelectFile name="MM_fnam"
Format SelectFile name="filename"

The standard dialog box for file selection is called up. When the call returns, the variable  V[filename] contains the selected file name.
With if Q[ok]  you can query whether the user has selected a file.

Please note: SelectFile  does not open the file in question and, with the -save option, does not save a file either, but only returns the file name selected by the user.

title= Title of the dialog box
directory= The initial directory
filter= One or more filter conditions, separated by semicolon. Example:  filter="*.gif;*.jpg;*.bmp"
-save Instead of the "Open" dialog, the "Save" dialog is called up
-multiple The user can select multiple files. The names of the selected files are placed in the long text variable  text[filename], one filename per line.
Components GuiXT + InputAssistant