Purpose With SetCursor you can set the cursor into a certain input field, into a table cell or on a position in a list.
Examples SetCursor F[Name]
SetCursor cell[Table,Material,5]
SetCursor (4,1)
Format SetCursor F[fieldname]
Sets the cursor into the field.

SetCursor cell[table,column,row]
Sets the cursor into a table cell.

SetCursor (row,col)
List display: Sets the cursor on a certain position in the list.

SetCursor V[name]
Sets the cursor into your own InputField with the specified name (variable name, IputField ... name=...)

Options Offset=x  The cursor will be positioned x spaces from the left border within the field (or table cell).
Tips & Tricks

 SetCursor does not currently allow you to put the focus onto your own pushbutton. But you can use its coordinates in round(!) brackets. In this case, GuiXT does not check the existence of an entry field at this position. Example:
Pushbutton (10,1) "Button1" process="t1.txt"
Pushbutton (12,1) "Button2" process="t2.txt"
Pushbutton (14,1) "Button3" process="t3.txt"

if V[xx_status=1]

  SetCursor (10,1)


if V[xx_status=2]

  SetCursor (12,1)


if V[xx_status=3]

  SetCursor (14,1)


(You set the xx_status in your InputScript.)

Components GuiXT