By activating a statistics function in the configuration file "guixt.ini" you can record the number of active users and also the SAP GUI and GuiXT versions they are using. The prerequisite for this feature is a central network directory with permission to write for all users.

In "guixt.ini" you specify the directory, for example \\P712800\guixt\stats, as follows:

UserStatistics      \\P712800\guixt\stats

For each user logon with activated GuiXT (SAP GUI options) a file SYSTEMNAME\CLIENT\USERNAME.txt is read in the specified directory and, if necessary, is created or changed. The file contains the SAP GUI version, the GuiXT version and the active GuiXT components. Example:



To evaluate the information you can use the HTA ‚Äč‚Äčapplication (basically an HTML file)


Copy the file to a directory on your PC or on the network. You can open the file directly (double click); in this case, you will be prompted to select the statistics folder in a user dialog.  Or you name the statistics folder as the first parameter of the call, most simply in a .bat file:

guixtstat.hta   "\\P712800\guixt\stats"

It is advisable to activate the statistics in "guixt.ini" and to let it run for a few days, then to turn the statistics off and rename the statistics folder, so that when next turned on the statistics will start again from scratch.

Following information is shown by "guixtstat.hta":

1. The number of GuiXT users per SAP system name and client, with totals
2. GuiXT versions used
3. SAP GUI versions used
4. Detailed list per user

Please note that the total number of users at the end of table 1 may be higher than the total number at the end of the detailed list. In our example shown below, the total is 95 in Table 1 and 80 at the end of the detailed list. This is because in the first table user sessions in different systems or clients are counted separately, even if they are run with the same user name, whereas the detailed list counts each user name only once and lists the respective systems and clients for each user name.

For the purpose of GuiXT licenses, the number of actual users is relevant. If unique user names are used across all systems and clients, this is the total number shown at the end of the detailed list.