Purpose With Tab you can define the tab order of fields and table columns. For each field and each table column you can specify the cursor position after pressing the tab key.
Example Tab F[Company code]  F[Booking date]
Format Tab [Screen element1] [Screen element2]

Tab [Table,columnname1] [Table,columnname2]

When you specify columns, and the new column is not on the right hand side of the previous one, the cursor is put into the next table row.
Tab performs automatic "Enter" if a new row is required at end of the table.

For GuiXT created tables you use the internal table and column names, for example:

Tab F[Company code]  [mytable,account]

& Tricks
  • When you specify the same column twice (origin and destination), the user can easily fill in this column for several table rows. Similarly, if you want to facilitate data entry into the first 3 columns, without  using the mouse, you can jump from column 3 to column 1 (next row).
Components GuiXT + InputAssistant