Purpose With Text you can: 
  • display any given text on the SAP screen.
  • change a field name.
  • change the name of a pushbutton, radiobutton or check box.
Examples Text [Company code] "Regional office"

Text (10,50) "Please use form M10A"

Text (11,50) " for printout"

-Border The text is displayed with a small border (like read-only fields).
-intensified The text is displayed in a different color
-fixedfont The text is displayed in a fixed-pitch font
-label The text is displayed in field label style
Size="n" The text is displayed in length n, padded with space.
Format Text [Screen element] "text"  

Text (position) "text"

& Tricks
  • If you want to replace a field name throughout the entire SAP system, you can do it by means of the SAP repository or with the command GlobalTextReplace.
  • If you want to display a text in a more esthetic way, you can use the Image command or you can use the View command for the display of an html file or an rtf text (e.g. as produced in Microsoft Word) .
  • If you want to put additional text on an image use the command Image with the option Textstring= . See "Dynamic Text Output"
Components GuiXT