Purpose With TextBox you  can display and edit a text.
Example TextBox (10,20) (16,44) name="t1" 

A text edit box is displayed in the screen area (10,50) to (16,44). The content is assigned to a text variable "t1".

Format TextBox (row1,column1) (row2,column2) name="textname"
-ReadOnly The text cannot be changed.
-noWordWrap The text does not wrap and the user must press ENTER to start a new line.
-noVerticalScrollbar No vertical scrollbar is displayed
maxLines= Maximum line count of text entered
Textfont= Selected font. Default is "Arial" .
Textheight= Text height in pixels. Default is 16.
Textweight= Text weight between 1 (thin) and  9 (heavy). Default is 5. Bold is approximately 7.
Tips & Tricks

WithC opyText you can copy texts between files, screen areas and text variables

Components GuiXT + InputAssistant