Purpose With Tip you can add a quickinfo (tooltip) to fields, field groups and pushbuttons. When the user points the cursor to the field name, the tip appears in a small yellow box. With field groups, a special icon is on display at the upper right hand corner of the group box. Putting the cursor on the icon will display the quickinfo.
The tooltip can be multiline; to do this, start new lines with "\n".
Examples Tip [First name] "First name, e.g. Charles or Robert\nGeneric search e.g. Ro* is also possible"  

Tip [Contract] "Display contract data and price agreements"

Format Tip [Screen element] "Quickinfo"

Screen elements can be single fields, field groups and pushbuttons. With fields a small icon is on display to the left of the field name; with field groups the icon is at the upper right hand corner of the group box.

& Tricks
  • A few characteristic input values help the user more than abstract definitions
  • You can choose the tip icon in the file guixt.ini from any of the SAP standard icons. The relevant profile parameters are: icon_tip_field for fields (Default is "icon_tip_field 0L") and icon_tip_box for field groups (Default is "icon_tip_box 35")
  • A list of all SAP icons can be found in transaction ICON; the internal short names of the icons are contained in the ABAP program <ICON> .
  • A selection of the appropriate icon is also possible in GuiXT Script Editor Pro
  • You can also suppress the field tip icon setting "icon_tip_field Space" in guixt.ini. However, it is then no longer obvious, at a glance, where the user can display a quickinfo.
Components GuiXT