Purpose With the TitleSuffix command you can provide the titles of all SAP screens with their own suffixes, e.g. a tag for a particular system or for a particular client. The command is valid for the current screen and all the following ones.
If the SAP window happens to be minimised the modified title will be indicated in the taskbar, so that the user can easily distinguish between various systems, clients, etc.
TitleSuffix "(&[_database])"

For a system with the tag TST, all its titles will end with " (TST)".

TitleSuffix "text"
& Tricks
  • It makes sense to put the TitleSuffix command in the Session-Script ESession.txt
  • You can use the variables &[_database] and &[_client]
  • A conditional combination is also possible, e.g.
    if V[_database=TST]
      TitleSuffix "(Training)"
  • If a script's own title is replaced by Title, the new title is displayed without a title suffix.
  • In order to display the current transaction code in the title, you can use the following coding in the session script:

    V[x] "[_transaction]"
    TitleSuffix "(&&V[x])"
Components GuiXT