Retrieve detailed list
Enter in transaction /guixt/uilog the UI Log project and, optionally, further selections (transaction, date...). Then select "Detailed list" and start with F8:

Overview screen
The detailed lists contains all recorded transactions with start time, processing time and the number of actions performed by the user (e.g. field entries, function calls, tab changes). By double-clicking or the push button "Transaction flow" the flow can be displayed in detail.

The user time is the time actually spent on actions or inputs. However, a maximum duration of 10 minutes per step is assumed. The measurement does not yet start with the 1st call of a transaction but with the first user action. This "rule of thumb" is intended to prevent unrealistic distortions caused by hiccups, which can occur, for example, when work is interrupted (telephone call, lunch break, etc.).

The system time, on the other hand, is the sum of the times the system was busy with data processing, loading dialogs, etc., which means the user had to wait for the system.

Network graphic
The "Show graphics" button creates a graphical overview of the screens and tabs of the entire process

Delete entries
The displayed entries in the list always refer to the project specified in the selection. By selecting one or more lines these entries can be permanently removed from the project and are deleted from the /GUIXT/LOG database table.

Copy entries
Selected entries can be copied to other projects. To do this, enter the name of an existing project in the popup. This can be useful to transfer records from different projects into one project, e.g. all records in a certain period of time or from different systems.