The UI Log Tool allows us to measure and log the user actions of selected user groups and SAP transactions as a basis for an efficient design of the interface. The measurement data shows which transactions and dialog steps require a particularly large amount of time. The analysis of the data using the UI log tables and diagrams, right down to the display of the flow of each individual transaction, allows us to identify focal points and derive ideas for optimization.

It also includes the automatic generation of menus and single screen transactions. Based on the measurement data, GuiXT scripts can be generated automatically, and include the required transactions (menus) and input fields (single screen transactions).

Other possible applications are the logging of system tests and the comparison of processes in different systems or releases, for example, an SAP ERP system with an S/4HANA system. Both user times and system response times are recorded.

Data protection
All recordings are made anonymously, without recording user names or IP addresses. Careful planning, coordination within the company as well as the information of the parties involved is of course necessary when using the system in productive operation. Since the input data of the transactions selected for measurement are also recorded, the data protection aspect must also be taken into account here.

The measurement data is stored centrally in an SAP table, which can be protected within the SAP authorization system. The deletion of the data is possible on a project-related basis.

The measurement data is collected by GuiXT within the SAP GUI process. This means that, unlike a server-based solution, measurement is possible at the field input level. At configurable time intervals, the data is stored in the SAP table /GUIXT/LOG via RFC (Remote Function Call).


All entries in single fields and in tables as well as user actions such as pushbuttons, menu selection, tab change, function keys including F1 and F4 are recorded.
Actions within the special SAP Controls such as "Grid Control" and "Tree Control" are currently not recorded.

Performance and data volume
The UI Log evaluations are possible with good response times even with several million data records, so that the activities of say 10 or 20 users in the course of a week do not cause any problems for the measurement and evaluation. All evaluations can be limited to projects and time intervals. However, the UILOG tool is not designed for a permanent measurement of very large numbers of users, as the resulting data volumes would then be too large.
The system load from the measurement is low as long as the number of users remains manageable, e.g. 10 or 20 users. No noticeable slowdown is to be expected on the user PCs either.


  • SAP ERP or S/4HANA
  • SAP basis as of Rel. 7.40
  • SAP GUI as of Rel. 7.60
  • GuiXT as of version 2020 Q3 4
  • Script Editor Pro as of version 2020 Q3 2 (needed for script generation part)