Purpose of use
CIS mobile uses the SAP GUI on the server for function calls in some places, where BAPIs are not available or do not offer certain functionalities. The procedure is as follows: A connection is established, a transaction is processed, and the SAP GUI is finally closed again. This makes no difference to the CIS mobile user at the frontend, whereby BAPIs are usually executed faster than scripting.
Enter the connection to the application server as SAP router string.

/H/IP address of the SAP router or hostname/H/Application server

User data
Normally, the user data that the user specifies at login is used the the SAP GUI connection. However, this can be turned off so that only one general test user is used for all login with the given credentials.
Testing the connection
A transaction for testing is called to check whether a connection to the SAP system can be established with the SAP GUI.
Start Mini SAP GUI
CIS mobile offers a rendering of the SAP GUI in HTML with some limitations. This is invoked in some cases if an unexpected case occurs when scripting is used, for example, an unhandled popup window. The user then has the option of continuing processing or receiving information about the problem.

The Mini SAP GUI can be started here and, if desired, the user actions used are recorded so that the commands can be used directly custom VB.NET coding.