You use pricing to calculate prices (for external use by customers or sales personnel) and costs (for internal use, such as cost accounting). Conditions are a series of conditions that apply when a price is calculated. For example, if a certain customer orders a certain quantity of a product on a certain day, the variable factors - customer, product, order quantity, date - determine the final price for the customer. The information on all these variable factors is stored in the system as master data in the form of condition records.
Configuration in CIS mobile
This parameter specifies which ABAP report is to be used to display the conditions for a customer. These ABAP reports are generated in the SAP system, for example, /1SDBF12L/RV14AK28. You can use transaction V/LD to display the name of the required ABAP report:

After the program name, separated by commas, are the three parameter names of the ABAP report for customer, sales organization, and distribution channel. You can find these parameter names in the ABAP program or by choosing
F1->Technical Attributes on the parameters:

Here the order is: P_3,P_1,P_2 . However, SAP may generate a different sequence under certain circumstances.
View in CIS mobile
The conditions can, for example, be displayed on the "Articles" tab at the "Price conditions" item: