Installation Guide

The detailed step by step installation instructions for CIS mobile are available in PDF format:

CIS mobile  Installation Guide


Short overview

CIS mobile is launched on the mobile device (eg iPad) directly in the browser; nothing needs to be installed. The browser application sends requests to a Windows server running CIS mobile as an IIS application ( Microsoft Internet Information Services ).

The installation process therefore consists in configuring the IIS application "CIS mobile" and the connection to your SAP ERP system.

1. IIS (Microsoft Internet Information Services)

Here the CIS mobile application runs in an application pool and is accessible from the outside via a browser. The application logic, implemented in VB.NET, is invoked in the form of ISAPI DLLs.

2. The configuration files for CIS mobile

CIS mobile communicates in different ways with the ERP system. You need to specify how your SAP ERP system can be accessed from the Web server ("connection string").

3. ABAP function modules in SAP ERP

You can access  data in SAP ERP by RFC (Remote Function Call). For many of the functions predefined function modules (BAPIs) are delivered by SAP. In some cases this is not sufficient and so it is necessary to implement  your own ABAP routines. Three ABAP function modules are provided with CIS mobile and these can  be installed via the SAP transport system.