Mobile access to SAP ERP

With CIS (Customer Information System) mobile you access  SAP ERP data from mobile devices (iPad, Android tablet, Windows 8 Tablet, Blackberry, laptops and desktops).
Due to the interface implementaion in HTML5 nothing needs to be installed on the mobile device. Any device that has a Web browser running can be used for mobile CIS .

CIS mobile is implemented on the server as an IIS application (Microsoft Internet Information Services). No separate infrastructure is required.

For offline access CIS mobile supports the generation of PDF documents that contain customer relevant information such as orders, offers, price conditions, etc. for each customer.

In order to log on you need an SAP user and password. Additional security (e.g. against brute force attacks and blocking by unauthorized login attempts) is ensured by a logon ticket process. It entails a ticket, valid for a certain period of time, that is sent to predefined SAP users who are entitled to use CIS mobile.
Customer selection

After logging in you can select a customer for detailed analysis. If you know the customer number you can enter it directly; otherwise, use the search function or select one of the customers from your personal history. Or you display the list of customers that you are responsible for.

System messages that you would normally get when logging on to SAP ERP with SAP GUI will now also be displayed.
"My customers"

In SAP ERP you can associate a user with a personal number. If this person is the responsible contact person ("Partner functions" in SAP) for the client company, CIS mobile will add this customer to the list "My clients". For each customer in "My Clients", the last three visits and the next planned visit are shown. For each customer you can display a small diagram showing the sales of the past 5 years.

Customer informations in the list "My customers"


By clicking on the customer number you display an  overview page with a good deal of useful information about the customer: e.g. contacts, back orders, pricing,  sales summaries, complaints, etc.  Touch one of the small diagram icons to obtain the information in graphic form.

Some information is displayed only when the relevant data are available; e.g. Terms of payments are shown, no locks for this customer in SAP ERP.

Many charts are available

Changing and adding data

Visit reports and contact data can be added and changed in CIS mobile and new customer orders can be created directly in an intuitive interface.
Try it out for yourself

To try out CIS mobile for yourself  navigate to the following URL: