GuiXT Controls
034 Refreshing the control content: I generate an HTML page in an InputScript and display it with a command

Control ...  progid="C:\Temp\xxx.html" name="cid"

This works fine, but when a different HTML page is generated later on the Control still displays the previous page.

033 Using further dlls in CallVB: I'm calling a VB function via CallVB. Besides guinet.dll and my own VB dll I need another dll. I noticed that GuiXT copies guinet.dll and utilities.dll to the local cache folder, but not the third dll, so that my CallVB aborts. Is there a workaround?
032 Using C# instead of VB: We normally use C# instead of VB. Is it possible to implement the methods that we want to call with CallVB with C#?
031 VBCall not working on one PC: Our CallVB statement doesn't work on one of the PCs, but it works on others. In GuiXT profile the .NET class library directory is


030 Prerequisites for embedding Windows Forms: What prerequisites are needed on the inividual PCs when we embed Windows Forms into a SAP GUI screen with GuiXT Controls?
029 Storing the database password: We want to read Oracle data via a VB.NET function that we call with CallVB. Where do we put the user ID and password?
028 Integrating the SAP 3D Viewer: I would like to integrate the SAP 3D Visual Enterprise Viewer into SAP GUI using the GuiXT Controls. How do I use the "name=" parameter, and can I interact with the SAP 3D Viewer via VBScript?
027 Displaying a PDF document: I'm trying to  add the Adobe Reader control "AcroPDF.PDF.1" in order to display a PDF document. How do I set the PDF document path for the control?
026 "Controls" component in the USA: We are located in the US and are interested in your "Controls" component in order to use VB.NET in conjunction with SAP GUI. Do you have a partner we can contact here?
025 CallVB executed twice: In the logon script I use a CallVB statement. The called VB method displays a popup with system specific information. This works fine. But I am facing a strange issue: if the user is already logged on to the system and tries to login again to the same system the prompt gets generated again. Which should not be the case ideally, as I have called the function only once. What could be the reason?
024 VBScript in logon script:  I am trying to call a vbscript function in the logon script and I am receiving an error message 'Error in VB call'. What could be the reason?
023 "No screen/popup processed in current SAP GUI mode.": I'm developing a script that uses GuiXT Controls and I get the error message:
No screen/popup processed in current SAP GUI mode. -> Synactive Q&A Controls Nr. 023
What causes this error and how can I avoid it?
022 Reading a text area value: I have an unsolved problem, even after reading the documentation. 
I would like to embed a web page to SAP. I would also like to get the value of an HTML element from the web page and pass it on to GuiXT for further processing. The element is <textarea>. I tried to give it both name and Id but it was still not possible to get the value of textarea. <table > <tr > <td> <textarea name="ContactName" id ="ContactName"> </ textarea> </td > </tr > </table > 
Could you please provide some guidance?
021 Symbolic components in VBScript: Is there a way to use symbolic component names in VBScript?
020 Content missing in HTML display: In my GuiXT script I call up on the first tab of a transaction an InputScript that reads some data from other tabs and generates an HTML page from a template. I then return to the first tab and show the HTML page on the screen with a statement Control progid="...html" name="xxc". But the HTML does not display the new data. What could be the reason?
019 Obtaining the URL of an embedded PDF: We use the Control statement in an InputScript to display an HTML page as a popup window. The HTML page then displays a PDF file where the URL depends on various conditions. Is there a way to obtain the URL of the displayed PDF in a GuiXT variable?
018 Several VBS files in guixt.ini: What is the correct way to specify more than one VBS file in guixt.ini?
Only the first file was read whenI tried:

VbsLibrary C:\lib1.vbs, C:\lib2.vbs

017 Using a Call statement in JavaScript: I'm trying to call an RFC function from JavaScript. The function doesn't return any value. However, it works well with the same "Call" in a GuiXT script or in VBScript. What could be the reason?
016 Testing the "Controls" component: I want to test the GuiXT "Controls" component. Do I need to install anything in addition to activating GuiXT in the SAP GUI options?
015 URL indicating document sections: Is it possible to specify a particular section when opening a PDF document or an HTML page via a URL?
014 "Control" in inital screen: We use a "Control" in the inital screen of a transaction xxxx. This works very well, but not if the user calls the transaction with /Oxxxx. What could be the reason and is there any workaround?
013 Enter in VBScript vs. in InputScript: I have been struggling a little bit with the screen & enter commands in combination with CallVBSAsync / ApplyGuiScript. It seems to me that when there is an "Enter" performed in VBS then I need to insert an extra "Screen" command into the InputScript in order to continue processing.
012 Processing guixt.Input() in a loop: I'm trying to call an InputScript from VBScript with guixt.input() function. This is okay if I call it only once, but when I put this function inside a loop to run it multiple times it no longer works. My guess is that VBScipt doesn't wait until the inputscript is completed; i.e. it starts the the inputscripts multiple times without completion. 
Is there a way to wait in VBS until inputscript is completed and then continue processing? Or would it be better to build the loop inside the Inputscript instead?
011 Displaying RTF documents: Is it possible to view RTF files with the Controls component?
010 Closing Excel: I'm working with Excel automation in a VBScript function. How can I close Excel at the end of the function?
009 pdf document in landscape format: In your Tips&Tricks Nr. 41 you describe a method for generating a .pdf document with GuiXT controls. This works fine except for one little hic: my rtf document is in "landscape" format but the generated pdf has become "portrait".
008 Specifying the VBScript file: Where can I specify the VBScript file that includes the functions I want to execute?
007 Files on the network: Displaying png images with GuiXT Controls works fine, but for local images only. I need it for images in a network folder and tried

Control (11,100) (15,120) name="my_image"


but get the error message:

No control with progid "\\WEBD\productimage\101_Web90x90.png" found.

Is there a way around?

006 Creating external objects: In a VBScript function I am trying to call external programs such as Internet Explorer, Word, ... But I get the error message: ActiveX component can't create object: 'Word.application'

In this case I was trying to make the following call:

Set objWord = CreateObject("Word.Application")

005 How do I activate GuiXT controls in guixt.ini?
004 VBS library in guixt.ini: I have specified the VBS library in the GuiXT online profile and would like to do the same in the configuration file guixt.ini. I couldn't find the name of the option in the documentation. What is it, please?
003 VBScript function not found: I'm just starting with GuiXT Controls and have copied the first example from your tutorial:

Function test1
       test1 = "Hello World"
End Function

But the function "test1" is not found.

002 Accessing a Word document: I have a Word template, I fill the document in, and then I want to use the filled in values to populate a SAP transaction. Is this possible?
001 Calling RFC from VBScript: (two questions)
Is it possible to call RFC function modules from within VBScript?
Is there a way to import parameters from GuiXT variables so that they are available in VBScript?