General Topics
142 Do you know of any compatibility problems when upgrading to SAP GUI 7.70 ?
141 Solution manager and Web Repository access : From our Solution Manager system we call up further SAP systems. The GuiXT access to the scripts in SAP Web Repository is then still carried out via the solution manager system, but not for the SAP system in which the called transaction is carried out. Is there a way to rectify this?
140 Old file version in SAP Web Repository : I have changed one of our scripts and it works fine when I configure GuiXT to look at my local directory. The script has now been updated in SAP Web Repository by our IT but I still get the old file. What could be the reason?
139 GuiXT and S/4HANA: Does GuiXT work with S/4HANA ?
135 Differentiating scripts by company code : I have a requirement to maintain different screens for different company codes. The  same client is used and the GuiXT scripts should be differentiated by two company codes, for example say 1000 and 2000. How can I do this?
133 Reading a SQL database : We want to read data from a SQL server database and display them in an SAP screen. How should we proceed?
132 Network bandwith and GuiXT : Is there any response delay with slow networks?
131 Script backup: Do you have guidelines for script backup management?
130 Script development and SAP 3-tier landscape : Does GuiXT have a typical flow of transport in the three tier landscape environment (development -> test -> production)?
129 VersionNumber command : I have a question about the following part of your "VersionNumber" documentation:

Roundtrips to server
without local cache: 400*500 = 200,000
with local cache: 400*30 = 12,000
with local cache and version number: 400 * 2 = 800

What causes the 400*2 roundtrips when I use the VersionNumber command?

128 Developing scripts for SAPMR : We store our GuiXT scripts in SAPMR (SAP Mime Repository). During development I use an additional local directory:

Directory1  SAPMR....
Directory2  C:\GuiXT\dev

This works fine, but when I click the "Script" button in GuiXT on a screen in which no scripts exist, I get an error message in GuiXT saying that the script editing in SAPWR is not possible. Is there a way to use my local development directory without having to create the script manually?

127 Most frequent applications : What kind of transactions are most often simplified with GuiXT?
126 Screen templates: Are there any templates of simplified screens?
125 Accessing data from an Oracle database : We want to display data from an Oracle database on an SAP screen. How does GuiXT access the data?
124 Introduction to script writing : I have just started writing GuiXT scripts, including the use of InputAssistant. What do you recommend I do to become more familiar with this?
123 GuiXT background knowledge :  We wonder what background is necessary for someone who implements GuiXT scripts. Which programming languages is GuiXT scripting similar to?
122 GuiXT and Shift-JIS : We want to use GuiXT in a non-Unicode SAP system with the Japanese language. Is this possible?
121 GuiXT vs. ABAP development : If I compare ABAP development with GuiXT development, can you comment on both in terms of the following:

Complexity -
System Performance -
Efforts -
Meeting critical requirement -

120 RFC password problem : I'm using RFC access to scripts in Web Repository and as of today my password in GuiXT profile is no longer accepted, although I haven't changed it. I know that I need to enclose the password in inverted commas since it contains lower case characters. Is there any change in password handling? I have installed GuiXT 2015 Q1 2 for testing and then the previous 2014 Q3 2 version.
119 Assigning different script folders to different users: We have started to save our scripts in SAP Web Repository. At the end user's PC there is only a guixt.ini file, the same for all users. Which is the best way to assign different scripts to different user groups?
118 Displaying GuiXT product version : How can I see which GuiXT version is active on a particular PC?
117 Configuration problem - please logon again. : From time to time, when I re-logon into Windows and continue with SAP GUI session, I get an error message "GuiXT process not running. Configuration problem - please logon again." What could be the reason?
115 Decimal point vs. comma input : We have a special hybrid problem with the decimal point vs. comma input and wonder whether GuiXT could offer a solution: We use the English keyboard setting in Windows, which implies that the decimal separator key on the numeric part of the keypoard (number pad) enters a decimal point. But we would prefer to have a comma instead.
113 Web Repository or Mime Repository : We have developed our GuiXT scripts locally and are now preparing the rollout. We want to store the scripts in the SAP database, i.e. in SAP Web Repository or Mime Repository. Which do you recommend?
112 Location of guixt.ini: Do I have to have my guixt.ini file in the sap gui folder (C:\Program Files ...)? I have got a new PC and I don't have autorization to add any files to Program Files.  I would prefer to have my scripts in C:\guixt\script\.....
110 Possibilities of GuiXT vs. InputAssistant : Our clients often ask: "What exactly can we do with GuiXT bundled in SAPGUI versions if we don't have InputAssistant?"
109 SAP business suite components : Does GuiXT support all components (ECC, SCM, CRM, BW, etc) of the SAP business suite? 
108 SAP GUI releases: What are the compatibility requirements for different SAP GUI releases, e.g. SAPGUI 7.30?
107 SAP upgrade problem : We are performing Support Pack updates on our ECC6/EHP5 system. However, GuiXT scripts are not being executed following the updates.
106 Script changes not visible : When I change my script code, save the changes and press the refresh button the screen is not refreshed in SAP GUI. Ony after I close system can I see the changes. My scripts are on a file server.
103 Incomplete user statistics : I have installed the GuiXT user statistics as described in your documentation

Why do only some of the users appear in the statistics report, and not all of them?

101 Scripting and SAP authorizations : We are worried about the possibility of SAP hacking, ie that SAP user authorization could be circumvented via GuiXT scripts.
100 Different scripts for different user groups : Is it possible to use different scripts for different users or user groups?
99 Scripts and SAP service packs : We like the GuiXT possibilities but have some concerns as to the work that is needed to test and adjust the scripts for each new SAP service pack.
98 G eneral Storing of GuiXT scripts : To my understanding the GuiXT scripts are stored locally on each PC. How can we avoid users changing the scripts?
96 Sequence of version numbers : We are working with the "VersionNumber" statement, both in our quality assurance system and in production. I have modified some scripts and updated the session file (VersionNumber 22) and send it to quality system. But not to production, where the latest session file contains version nunmber = 21). Will it cause a problem later on when the version number in production is changed from 21 to 23, omitting 22?
94 RFC user and password : We have been using GuiXT for a long time, but now the basis team has decided to delete our RFC user "SAPCPIC", and GuiXT doesn't work any more. I have created a new RFC user GUIXT with the authorization described in your documentation. However, I can never logon and only get the error that name or password for RFC user is wrong. I checked the box "Script download via current client" and the error message mentions the correct client. My questions are:

1. Should user GUIXT be a dialog user or a communication user?

2. The instructions say that password should be encrypted. Isn't that only relevant when I put the user name and password in the ini file?

93 GuiXT crash ScriptSN...
On several PCs GuiXT aborts with an error message (see below).
What could be the reason?

"APPCRASH", exception code c0000005, module name ScriptSn.20110815151456.dll_unloaded.

89 User statistics : Is there a measuring device available to count the number of our GuiXT users?

I have a couple of questions concerning size limitations in GuiXT:

- Maximum size of a script line?

- Maximum length of a variable name V[name]?

- Maximum length of the content of a variable?

- Same questions for InputScript parameters?

- Maximum size of a long text line?

- Maximum number of long text lines?


Are the SAP authorizations connected to user id and roles retained when we customize a transaction with GuiXT?


What prerequisites would be needed to make a successful proof-of-concept?


Changing the hidden mode : I know that the command "guixt.exe visible" displays the GuiXT screen when GuiXT is started in "hidden" mode. Is it possible to change the GuiXT starting mode "hidden" directly in the Windows registry?


Is GuiXT supported on a 64bit Citrix server?


When we use the "Replication Yes" option in GuiXT profile, is it necessary to specify a "Directory0"? If it isn't necessary, where are the scripts replicated?


I'm wondering if you have any information regarding the performance improvement gained from using low speed connection. Do you know to what degree it increases performance for GuiXT programs?
As you know, this setting removes the SAP GUI history function for all users and I'm trying to weigh the pros and cons of low speed connection. Your opinion would be very helpful.

81 GuiXT vs ABAP WebDynpro : What are the pros and contras of implementing a Web Dynpro transaction, compared to a GuiXT based solution?
80 Does GuiXT work with SAPScript and smartforms or only with SAP GUI screens?
79 Does GuiXT support SAP Business One solution?
78 Performance of script access: When a user calls a transaction, e.g. VA01, the first time, the GuiXT script is downloaded from SAP Web Repository to the user's PC. Next time the same user calls VA01 the script is read from his PC, which is now differently configured. Can there be a difference in performance reading the script from the local PC, caused by how the PC is now configured?

We have over the years generated many scripts with a default value in a particular field.  This field now needs an alternative default value. I can easily find all the scripts that have the old default but my problem is that our internal documentation doesn't go down to that level of detail and so I was wondering if there is a way of finding the SAP transaction from the file name of the script? Not all of the scripts have comments stating the SAP transaction it belongs to.


In our GuiXT profile we work with two script directories, say D1 and D2. When a GuiXT script is found in D1, not in D2, and then the GuiXT script calls up an InputScript, this one will be searched in D1 only, not in D2. I would prefer each script (GuiXT script and InputScript) to be always searched in D2 first, and if not found there, then in D1. Is this possible?

74 I have noticed that there are double scripts in SAP Web Repository.
Example: Z.GUIXT.SAPMV45A.F4001.TXT and Z.GUIXT.SAPMV45A.E4001.TXT
The scripts are identical and the only difference is the character before
screen number: F and E. When we use GuiXT it is the E-version that the system uses. What is the F-version for?

When we use different systems with different scripts in the SAP Web Repository, will there be problems with the GuiXT cache?


After we have changed scripts in the Web Repository, do we have to necessarily increase the VersionNumber or only just change it?


We use the "VersionNumber" statement. Does the version number always have 4 digits?


Is it possible to use GuiXT with a local SAP GUI on Macintosh?


What is the best way to exclude two users from the GuiXT views? From now on they are to work with the standard SAP screens.


With GuiXT Active, will the standard ABAP debugger work the same way as without GuiXT Active? Also, while processing GuiXT InputScript execution, is it possible to use the standard ABAP debugger?


Is it possible to use GuiXT with SAP running in Chinese?


Is it possible to use GuiXT in SAP Portal environment?


Three questions concerning http replication


I have implemented GuiXT on some of our supervisors' machines, but one of them is getting a pop up box stating "No values available" each time he does a right hand click. How can this be rectified?


Is it possible to refresh an SAP screen automatically once every minute?


We store scripts in SAP Web Repository and notice that the performance decreases considerably when GuiXT is turned on. What can we do?


User group security: who may have access to GuiXT scripts?


Is there a way to determine the SAP System date (as opposed to the local user computer date)?

49 Does GuiXT work with the BDT (Business Data Toolset)?
48 My SAP environment is in Chinese, language code ZF. I know the following rules for English and German,
     SAPLIQS0.E7200 for EN
     SAPLIQS0.D7200 for DE
Could you please tell me how it works for Chinese, what is the name of the script file ?
47 We want all SAP users to be able to display our own Help documentation (in PDF or HTML format) for a number of relevant transactions in SAP. Is it sufficient to configure the "Help views" profile parameter?
46 I'm starting to use SAP Web Repository to store scripts. In GuiXT profile I have specified "SAPWR:Z.GUIXT" as Directory1. Now GuiXT displays the script file name "sapwr:z.guixt\sapmzrt4.d0100.txt". I have tried to add the file "z.guixt\sapmzrt4.d0100.txt" to Web Repository, but it does not accept the backslash in the file name.
45 We want to put our scripts on a central UNIX server, but it doesn't work; the scripts are not found. On Windows servers they function without problems. What could be the reason?
43 Questions concerning GuiXT / InputAssistant security during auditing
42 We use GuiXT in some but not all of our SAP systems, and we store the scripts in SAP web repository. In order to avoid an error message, is it necessary to create the RFC user in all systems (even where we do not use GuiXT)?

To use the SAP web repository, we created an RFC user and we released the function  WWW_GET_MIME_OBJECT with transaction SMW0. Are any other actions needed?


We use SAP web repository to store our scripts. Is it sufficient to create the RFC user in client 000?


I use GuiXT for several different SAP systems. When I work in the SAP OSS system, I do not want to use GuiXT, so I deactivate it in the sapgui options, and activate it again after finishing my work in OSS. Or is there a simpler way?

37 We are using a central guixt.ini file. For "History" we want to use a folder in the Windows temporary directory. How can I specify this in guixt.ini?

Could you please send me the names and numbers of a couple of GuiXT reference customers with whom to compare notes?


Could you please list all R/3 modules (FI, SD, PS, etc) supported by GuiXT? 
Are all transactions in each of these modules supported, in particular, 1.4? 
Which SD transactions, in particular  VAxx transactions, are supported?

32 I would like to put scripts on an ftp-server. Access should be protected by a password. How can I transmit the password when connecting?
31 I have created a "transaction variant" with transaction SHD0, and attached a GuiXT script to it. How can I now change this script?
30 It seems that my GuiXT profile entries are destroyed. When I click on the profile button in GuiXT, instead of showing the profile window, GuiXT now opens a file guixt.ini      What is wrong?
29 Response time problem after installing the application SAP GuiXT   (For question in full, see answer page.)
27 Is it possible to use GuiXT with Hebrew, a language written right-to-left?
26 Is it possible to use GuiXT with Citrix?
25 What are the implications of Synactive's products for blind and visually impaired users ?
24 Does GuiXT work with JAVA-Gui?
21 Connection with GuiXT : When GuiXT is activated and we try to connect to our systems D01, I01, P01 we have no problem, but when we try to connect to OSS1 we always get an error message, since our RFC user (needed to download scripts from web repository) is not in the OSS1 system.
Can you tell me how we can connect to OSS1 without first deactivating GuiXT, and without getting the error message?
19 We want to use SAP web repository (transaction SMW0) for our scripts, and have already uploaded some scripts. But they are not read by GuiXT. What is wrong?
17 What are the types of the files I need to deploy to the end users?
16 What are the typical steps to deploy GuiXT to the end users?
14 How do I move elements and hide (delete) elements on SAP screens?
12 How do I generate / create language independent scripts?
11 Japanese consultants are looking for effective tools to build up user friendly entry screens for SAP R/3, i.e. with our two-byte code.  In short, can we use your GuiXT products in Japan?
10 I cannot find the file guixt.dll on my computer. What is wrong ?