227 Text with icon not fully visible: I use a Text command to display a small comment. When I start the text with an icon, e.g.

Text (2,84) "@1B@ATTENTION Locked"

it is not fully displayed; instead "..." is added at the end. Is there a workaround?

226 Toolbar button text not changeable: I cannot change the text of the toolbar button "Document Overview On" in transaction ME21N. Is this a special button?
225 Shortening a toolbar button label: Is there a way to shorten toolbar button labels? For example "Messages" to "Msg" ?
224 Left aligned pushbutton text: In Tips&Tricks Nr. 45 you describe a way to have the pushbutton text left aligned, inserting non-breaking space characters into the text. How can I generate these characters in the GuiXT script editor?
223 Setting values with Image in SAP EHP7: I'm using "image" to quickly fill in information to several inputfields as below:

    image ... input="Plant:1012;..."

In out test system with SAP EHP7 upgrade, this is no longer working; only the first character is fillled in. Is there a solution or workaround?

222 Creating a simple bar chart: I would like to display a bar chart that resembles a progress indicator. I have seen the examples in the GuiXT Controls tutorials that explain how to create charts with VB.NET. Is there a shorter way for this simple bar chart?
221 Pushbutton height in SAP GUI 7.40: During our testing of SAP GUI 7.40 we found that our pushbuttons are displayed in a larger height when we specify e.g. size=(4,..). The visual height is approximately one row more than in SAP GUI 7.30. Is this a bug in GuiXT, and is there a workaround?
220 Problem with non-ANSI characters: After installing GuiXT Version 2015.2.5 we find we have a problem with non-ANSI characters in our scripts. ... Screen elements with Umlauts are not found, and Umlauts in our own texts are incorrectly visualized. We have a Unicode system and the scripts are in the SAP Web Repository. What could be the reason?
219 GuiXT disabled after external dialog: We have the problem that GuiXT deactivates itself after some time in a particular transaction where we call up dialogs in a different system. For example, we start in system EC1 and call a dialog in EC2. In guixt.ini, we have

EnableSystem  EC1

but not in EC2. We don't want to activate GuiXT for EC2, but it should be active again in EC1 after returning from the EC2 dialog. How can we achieve this?

218 Simplifying a report selection screen: When simplifying an ABAP report selection screen I realized that I need to use absolute offsets for the icons, e.g.

  pos #[10,31]  (2,31)

which makes my script dependent on the sequence of the select options in the ABAP report. Is there a better way?

217 Attachments in "mailto:" protocol: In an Image-command I have added a start= parameter that opens up an email client with the "mailto:" protocol. This works fine, but I don't succeed in adding an attachment automatically with &attachment=... What could be the reason?
216 Exact icon position: I use the Image command to embed in a screen three icons that allow the user to display three documents (start= parameter). Is there a way to define the icon position in pixels instead of rows and columns?
215 Quickinfo not shown for toolbar button: In one of my toolbar pushbuttons I have defined a quickinfo, but it does not show up. The quickinfo of my next toolbar button is shown. When I switch the two button definitions in my script the quickinfo of the other button (now the first one) is not shown. What could be the reason?
214 Decreasing table width: We have customized an SAP table, deleting columns and decreasing the width of others. But the overall table width remains the same so that we do not have enough space at the right hand side to add further fields. Is it possible to decrease the table width by means of GuiXT?

Pushbutton with process=: I have created a few buttons for SAP and GuiXT starts with SAP but the buttons do not work. In the GuiXT window there is an error message saying that InputAssistant is needed for buttons.


Text as hyperlink: Is it possible to display on the screen a text string that functions as a hyperlink, i.e. when clicked, it opens a web site?


Numeric column titles: In a table control we have columns with a number as title, e.g. "36". When we use this column title in GuiXT script commands such as

ColumnWidth [tablename,36] 8

GuiXT interpretes it as column number, which is correct according to the documentation. We could use the column number instead, e.g. write

ColumnWidth [tablename,122] 8

if column "36" is column number 122. Is there any other possibility?


A[...] elements in script editor list: In the GuiXT script editor I saw a screen element A[xxxx] which is not listed in the GuiXT window "Screen elements". What does it mean?


Display an image if document exists: I use the "image" command with option "start=" in order to let the user easily display a document on an external server.  How can I avoid displaying the image in cases where no document exists?


Display barcode: Can I use GuiXT to display the barcode for the material number in transaction MM03?


png images: Why can't I use PNG with image command? I've tried a simple script on logon page and it displays jpg okay but refuses to display png, showing:
"Picture C:\logon.png not found"


Noinput for table cells: Can I specify a column and row to make a table cell readonly, e.g. 
noinput [All items,Material,1]?


Distinguishing between two SAP systems with same name: We have just installed an additional SAP system which has the same SAP system name as our main production system. In order to let the user easily distinguish between the two systems I would like to display an icon on the logon screen of the new system. But how can I distinguish between the two systems? Since the system names are the same we can't use the command

" if Q[database=..."


Unidentified error: On the first screen in SAP ("SAP Easy access") I get a GuiXT error (GuiXT triangle red) but no error is shown in the script window. How can I find the error?


Invisible fields: Having recently upgraded to SAP GUI 7.20 we now have a problem with one of our scripts; it only occurs in SAP Signature Design: some fields within a group box are not displayed. When we click on the fields they become visible. Is this a bug in GuiXT?


Readonly radiobuttons: I have defined a series of readiobuttons that replaces an SAP input field:

Radiobutton (0,4) "UB" F[MEPO_TOPLINE-BSART] "UB"
Radiobutton (0,10) "NB" F[MEPO_TOPLINE-BSART] "NB"
Radiobutton (0,16) "YRB" F[MEPO_TOPLINE-BSART] "YRB"

The same screen can be used in a display-only transaction and I would like to change the radiobuttons to "readonly". But according to the documentation there is no "-readonly" option.


Q[Role=...] and performance: In our scripts we use the if Q[Role=...] option. Will this deteriorate our performance?


Position of screen elements: In my GuiXT script I use an offset command in order to define the position of additional pushbuttons:
     Offset (23,95)
     Pushbutton (0,0) ...
     Pushbutton (0,40) ...
Unfortunately, depending on the screen resolution, the offset varies so that the buttons are wrongly placed. How can I avoid this?


Querying a table cell value: I would like to make some screen layout changes which depend on the value the user has entered in a table cell. Is this possible with GuiXT?


Replacing characters: I am using the image functionality to display photographs of Materials (in MM). Unfortunately one of the new stock numbers contains "/" character in the material name, which presents a problem with the naming convention I have used to access the photo in the shared drive, as I am not permitted to use a "/" in the file name.
My question: Is it possible to locate the "/" in the Material name and replace it with another character (say "-")?


Pushbutton size: We recently upgraded from SAP GUI 7.10 to SAP GUI 7.20. In some of our scripts we use pushbuttons that consist of an icon only, e.g.
   Pushbutton (10,62) "@21"  ....
In SAP GUI 7.20 they are now displayed larger than before, overlapping the text that follows. Is there a way to avoid this?


Local files in SAPWR: In the SAP Web Repository I have registered the GuiXT script editor as MIME editor for .txt files. This works well. What I would like to know is: what is the name of the temporary folder in which the scripts are stored for the purpose of local editing?


User date format: When I use the instruction "Default F[BKPF-BLDAT] &[today_user]" the date is not in my SAP user format. Is there a setting to avoid this situation?


Deleting a menu item with its toolbar button: When we delete a menu item in a GuiXT script the corresponding toolbar button is usually deleted as well. We now have a case (transaction IH10) in which the menu item is deleted but the toolbar button is not. What could be the reason?


Language independent format: In one of my scripts I use the expression

if Q[Page=Basic Data 1]

I'm in the process of changing the scripts into language independent format. What is the appropriate language independent notation for the above expression query?


Comparison tool for scripts: During script development we need to compare different script versions. Is there a GuiXT tool to do this, or any other one that you could recommend?


Invisible columns even when GuiXT is turned off: We have used a GuiXT script in transaction IW32  to suppress table columns; then, even when GuiXT is later turned off, the suppressed columns remain suppressed (ColumnSize=0). How can I avoid this effect?


Network problem: Since we have implemented GuiXT scripts our users have intermittantly been getting a SAPWR RFC error, several times a day, in all different SAP screens. There is no obvious pattern that we can determine; it will happen during a process once, and then not the next time. The user can just click OK, immediately try the process again and this time it works. Apparently the system is momentarily unable to access the Web Repository. Can you please advise?


Our SAP system doesn't support Polish so we use GlobalTextReplace and TextReplace to provide Polish translations for the required fields (and remove the unnecessary fields with DEL function).
Are there performance differences between using GlobalTextReplace and TextReplace commands?


When we call up a screen for the first time the image is not displayed; it appears as soon as we use the vertical scrollbar or press enter. Why is this so?


Navigation screen: We use the SAP Web repository to store our scripts. Because of the limited file name length in the Web Repository we work with the "File ...alias=" command in the session script to shorten long script file names, for example

file "saplsmtr_navigation.d0100.txt" alias="menu.txt"

But for this screen it does not work in a new SAP GUI mode opened by the user. Why, and can you help?


Shifting tabstrips: I have problems with the field coordinates after introducing the command


Do I still need to use the old screen coordinates in the area below the the tabstrip, and if so, why?


In transaction IE01 the standard width of the tabstrip area is a bit small. Can we increase it?


Deleting a tabstrip: On IW22, I delete the tab strip and then define my own group box where the tab strip was. However, this group box is now not shown.


Tab width: I have a problem with a tabbed dialog. I use the BoxSize command to display a larger group box with additional fields, but the tab frame is not appropriately resized.


Global change of menu entries: Is there a GuiXT command that allows us to delete menu entries in the SAP system menu for all screens, similar to GlobalTextReplace that can change texts in all screens?


I want to delete a toolbar button that consists of an icon only, no text label or tooltip. How can I name the button?


I want to remove the Adopt button from the Document Overview part in the ME21N screen. But the button is not contained in the GuiXT screen elements.

178 Is it possible to use a different screen layout for different monitor resolutions or window sizes?

I am having a problem in deleting entries in SAP F4 help using GuiXT. The requirement is to have only a limited number of entries available for the user. Can you please advise me how to go about it.


We have an issue regarding radio buttons on a screen. These are customized radio buttons created separately and not related to an existing SAP field. The problem is that all the radio buttons on the screen are checked by default. Below is the code :

radiobutton  (6,90) "Trust" name="g_bp_trust" value="02"

radiobutton  (6,127) "Partnership" name="g_bp_partner" value="04"

radiobutton  (6,73) "Company" name="g_bp_company" value="01"

radiobutton  (6,110) "Individual" name="g_bp_indiv" value="03"

175 GuiXT table row height: In a table control we have created a push button using screen painter. I wasn't able to increase the row size of the table control. Since this is a touch screen transaction, the default height is very small for the worker in the plant to click on a specific push button on a table control row. Can you tell me, is there any way to increase the row height in the table control using GuiXT ?

Is it possible in ABAP to query whether GuiXT is active?


I am currently implementing GuiXT for one of my projects and it's working great. I have a question though, which I hope you can answer: I am planning to default some values based on different role assignments, for example:

if Q[Role=Role1]

  default [Field] "Value1"


if Q[Role=Role2]

  default [Field] "Value2"


My problem is that I have 174 roles I need to do this for! Is there any restriction on the number of "if" statements I can insert? Will this cause a noticeable degradation in performance? Are there any better alternative operations in GuiXT I should consider?


In our SAP system the users work with two different clients (110 and 200) in parallel. To avoid confusion between the two, we would like to assign different colors to these clients. Is this possible with GuiXT?


dynamic "goto"
Can a variable be used on a goto/label, the aim being to use dynamic labels instead of static ones?
We have unsuccessfully tried:
Label &[myLabel]
Goto &[myLabel]


We have a user menu made up of images and want to display the transaction codes when you mouse over the image. Is this possible?


When I press the EXIT button in the menu transaction, GuiXT starts VK12 transaction, instead of showing me the logoff pop-up window. What could be the reason?

168 We get a syntax error message 'Command "" not known' for a script that we have copied from an HTML page. What does this message mean?

I have following text in a parameter "Notification 3013495 saved"
When I write it out with "Message" I only get "Notification".
What have I done wrong?


I have tried the Image command using dynamic positioning. It seems to work for horizontal lines but I can't seem to get it to work for vertical lines. The box I want to create is around a customer field in VA01, the vertical lines are at:
Image (0.5,16.5) (0.6,27.5) "red.gif" -plain
Image (1.5,16.5) (1.6,27.5) "red.gif" -plain

165 Is it possible to execute operating system commands that have been created with transaction SM69?
164 Is it possible to change the sequence of the tabs in a tabbed dialog?
163 Can GuiXT determine if the "Caps Lock" button is active and/or activate/deactivate it?
162 Is it possible to set a default value "X" to an existing checkbox? For example we would like to set default value "X" for checkbox [RF05A-CPFKB] in transaction FBR2.
Default="X" works well for newly created checkboxes...
Thank you for your answer...
161 GuiXT and colour change: Can you tell me why, in a certain part of my screen one row is blue instead of grey?  I've tried to enlarge the field but that didn't help. When I put the  same row in row 1 or 6, it also turns blue. But when I put it in row 7 it is grey again.
160 Is it possible to use NoInput command just for a cell in a table?
159 How can we deal with the following problem pertaining to scripts? Sometimes for the same screen SAP has two (or more) dynpros, for example the 100 or the 101, and if we have developed the script for 100, it doesn't work because we are in 101. For example, the SAPLSMTR_NAVIGATION.S0100.txt and the
SAPLSMTR_NAVIGATION.S0101.txt are scripts for the same SAP screen with two dynpros.
Do we have to duplicate all the scripts for the different dynpros of the same screen?
158 We use the value " as the key or symbol to denote the unit of measure Inches. How can I use this value in the line: radiobutton (5,20) "Inches" [Base Unit of Measure] "" <--- Here?
157 We use a dll call in a GuiXT script and have found the following problem. When we were passing in the "1" to select which com port the scale is connected to, the switch (portnum) statement in the C++ program would not set the "CommNum" to any value. You can see I am passing a numeric parameter for the com port selection, which worked when I used a VB program to call GetComWgt.dll. Is there any reason why the script will not pass the "1" as a numeric?
156 I want to delete several toolbar buttons. Since I write my scripts for several languages, I would like to do this in a language-independent manner, instead of using the pushbutton label. Is it possible?

How can I change the image that is shown in SAP's main menu screen?   


We are writing a dll function that we want to call from a GuiXT script. 
We have written the dll in VB, not in C++. Now the dll is recognized but the function inside the dll is not. Is there anything we need to do so that GuiXT recognizes our function?  When we  look at the dll with the Microsoft dumpbin utility
dumpbin mysample.dll /EXPORTS
then all our public functions are missing. Can you help?

153 I have modified a TAB named "Basisgeg." using GuiXT. To restrict my modifications to this TAB, I use the statement
if Q[Page=Basisgeg.]
However, when I switch to another TAB, the GuiXT modifications appear on this TAB as well, probably because a tab page [Basisgeg.] has several subpages, one of which has the same name [Basisgeg.] What can I do?
152 Is it possible to activate an inactive menu entry in an SAP transaction?

How can I check the existence of a menu item? In PA20 I'm trying to hide the object manager (search screen on the left hand side) if it is visible.   


I have successfully replaced field names in the standard screen using the command GlobalTextReplace. Is there any way this same replacement could be applied to the Help Screens (Performance Assistance) as well?

149 How can we change texts of the header column on ABAP List Viewer, using GuiXT?

I'm looking for a GuiXT system variable that contains the network name of the frontend PC. I know that &V[_winuser] denotes the name of the user that is logged on, but this is not sufficient for my purpose.


In the XD01 sceen (SAP ECC5.0) there exist two fields with the name "Sales organization". Normally GuiXT then uses the notation F[Sales organization.2] to denote the second field. Here this is not the case, there being two screen elements F[Sales organization]. Why? Is this an error?


I use the expression "&%[TEMP]" to get the value of the Windows environment variable TEMP in a GuiXT script, which is "C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Local Settings\Temp" on my PC. When I tested it, the string returned by GuiXT was "C:\DOCUME~1\ADMINI~1\LOCALS~1\Temp" instead. Is this an error?

145 I have added a few buttons to a screen that displays tabular data but does not use the SAP standard table display. The scrollbar at the right hand side of the screen has now disappeared. Is this a problem in my script or a bug in GuiXT?

Is it possible with GuiXT to add a button to all SAP screens?


Is it possible to move a field from one screen to another without using InputAssistant?


Is it possible to disable a SearchHelp associated with an SAP field without using InputAssistant?

141 Some of our departments work with a screen resolution of 800x600. With GuiXT scripting I optimzed the screen layout for this resolution. Now the transactions are also used by other departments who work with a 1024x768 screen size. Is it possible to distinguish these cases in a GuiXT script?
140 I have designed a screen which allows the user to edit various elements. I am trying to modify the existing layout and provide a "view only" mode. How can I recycle the screen layout so as to display data with greyed out or "readonly" radio buttons?

I'm using the if Q[database=...] notation in my scripts to distinguish between different SAP systems. We have now installed a new SAP release, and temporarily we have 2 systems with the same SAP name, e.g. D01. How can I distinguish these systems in my script?


I use the "start=" option of the Image command in order to display a certain document when the user clicks on the image. Is it also possible to display more than one document?


Problem with positioning an input field on a Service order Header screen (W31, IW32, IW33)


We use goto/label in our InputScripts. Is this allowed in GuiXT scripts as well?


We use an Image command with a relatively long "start=..." parameter. Is there a limit on the script line size?


User role: modifying a screen for certain users only (For question, see answer page.)


Drop in performance since changing the IP address of our SAP servers.


I have deleted a tabstrip with del S[...] and put some new fields into the former tabstrip area. Can I also delete the grey background that is visible in the tabstrip area?


How can I avoid an error with a simple mathematical problem?


Why didn't it work when I tried to use the command
CopyText fromScreen=X[2,20] -toClipboard
in order to copy a text into Windows clipboard?


In transaction "CJI3", I want to delete the toolbar button "Change layout" and also the corresponding menu item. The command "del M[&OLX]" did delete the menu item, but why didn't it delete the toolbar button?


How can I overrule the system default logon-client with the Default command?

127 Delete rule   (For question, see answer page.)

A question concerning the 'If' keyword: is there a status check that can give the SAP server name, in addition to the 'if Q[Database=...] ?

125 How can I delete those pushbuttons in the toolbar containing no text, only an icon?

Is it possible to use a command in order to place the cursor in the field for the transaction code?


Is it possible to store guixt.ini and the user catalog (as well as the scripts) on the application server, or does one have to use a central Windows server?

122 With SAP GUI version 6.40 (R3 4.7) the GuiXT screen elements screen is always blank and the script directory is never found.

Is it possible to have multiple testkeys in the same profile?

120 (Concerning ZXF4) we only have the right to create transactions which begin with Y, so is it possible to use the search help with a transaction like YXF4 ?

How can I query a variable with regard to space/initial?


Is it possible to input values into a multiple/single table cell when selecting a radiobutton?


Is it possible to use GuiXT with SAP portals?


Is it possible using GuiXT to link something on the screen to an MS Word document (i.e. a .doc file)?


I would like to display a text on a screen in a different font size. Is this possible?


Is GuiXT supported for the Integrated ITS?


Web Repository and ITS (For questions in full, see answer page.)


Pushbutton and Function codes (For question in full, see answer page.)

111 How does one make GuiXT scripts database specific?

Is is possible to find out the total number of columns in a table that is displayed on an SAP screen?

109 We use the "Tip" command to define quickinfos for various SAP fields. Is it possible to define a multi-line display of the quickinfo instead of just one line?

In my script I address a table
  T[Product hierarchy positions sorted ascending by name]
When you change the sorting order the table name is
  T[Product hierarchy positions sorted descending by name]
How can I handle this in my script?

107 We are using a GuiXT script to present tabular data. After about 250 rows nothing but the script error message "Invalid coordinates" is displayed. Have we reached the maximum number of rows allowed?
106 Are there any costs associated with going to a new release of GuiXT?

Will there be any deployment issues for later releases of GuiXT? We currently systematically move the guixt.exe, guixt.dll, and guixt.ini files to the PCs and laptops of our end-users. We have all of our GuiXT scripting in the SAP Web Repository. We use SAP transports to move scripts from one R/3 system to another. Will we be able to continue with this arrangement now that we will also be using SAP GUI scripting?


We use an image command to start a batch file:
Image (toolbar) "test.bmp" start="disp.bat [ID_SAP]=&F[FunctLocation]"
But only the string [ID_SAP] is passed to the .bat file.
Why are the "=" sign and the functional location missing?

103 I have changed a screen area around in a maintenance notification. Before I did this, the screen sequence would go to the next mandatory field. Now that I have moved the fields around, the cursor does not jump to the mandatory field, but the field before this which is already filled with information. All I did was change the position of the field group. Can you help?
102 We have written a script (the name of which is ".sapapo.saplatp4.0500") for a special screen in a transaction. Please observe the dot at the beginning. When we try to import the script file into Web Repository, it is not accepted. Is the syntax wrong?
101 Is it possible to add pushbuttons to the SAP Easy Access Front Screen when a person logs in? (For question in full, see answer page.)
100 I am looking to put a pushbutton on our IH0 transaction and when a functional location or equipment is selected, use this new pushbutton to create a notification bringing with it the relevant equipment or functional location. Basically, I want the pushbutton to mimic the menu selection a user performs normally. Can you please help with this?
99 How can I delete or deactivate the "Print" icon?

We have created a new pushbutton in a certain screen. The function code "BACK" carried out by the pushbutton is a so-called "Exit command" in SAP that does not check the entered values. But when the user presses our own pushbutton, the values are checked. 
How can we achieve exactly the standard behavior of the SAP key?

97 We created a script for the main menu screen in SAP, saplmtr_navigation.e0100.txt. 
In some cases the script seemed not to be active. We realized that sometimes SAP sends the screen saplmtr_navigation.e0101.txt instead. How can we avoid maintaining two scripts, one for 100 and one for 101?
96 We understand that if a user has the most recent version of a GuiXT script on his desktop the application can identify this and not reload the script. Assuming that we are using the SAP Web repository / RFC method for accessing scripts, how is this check made by GuiXT to validate that the local PC's GuiXT script is the most recent version?
95 Can one delete a complete menu, e.g. the "Goto" menu in VA01?
94 I display an image in a transaction using the "Image" command. When the image file changes (a .jpg file), GuiXT still shows the old picture when you start the transaction again. Only when you close the SAP session does GuiXT show the new one.
93 Screen resolution: How can I correctly position pushbuttons below a table, the difficulty being that the table has a variable number of lines?
92 Could you please let me know how GuiXT is used with transaction variants?

Is there any way to find out how many filled rows there are in a table?

90 Language Independent Scripting (For question in full, see answer page.)
89 Is elogon download from webrepository suppressed in newer versions?
88 Form output problem: What is the reason for our getting the error message: "the GuiXT component could not be found. .. "?
87 Can I use a radiobutton to fill a checkbox?
86 For the "set" command to work in a GuiXT script, does one need a license for InputAssistant?
85 GuiXT images and scrollbar (For question in full, see answer page.)
84 Is it possible, using GuiXT, to create in an SAP screen a pushbutton that will call up a program stored on the PC disc, without having to develop anything at all within the SAP application domain?
83 Ones own namespace for web repository objects: In the Web-Repository we have created a development class, ZGXT, as you have suggested in the Documentation. Does this still work if we put it in one of our own namespaces, e.g. 
or would there be a problem with the backslashes?
82 SAPWR error message: RFC user is defined in a particular client, e.g. 800
Now,  while launching SAP, GuiXT responds with an error message because the user and password are not defined in client 000. Is there a way to suppress this error message that pops up on initial logon?
81 I've read your special topic about deleting menu items and menu subitems. How do I delete the menu itself which forms the very first node of the menu? In the example you provide MB1A, I would like to know how to delete EDIT or Goods Issue.
80 How can I check if data has been entered into a screen field?
79 Is it possible to completely suppress the enter key in a GuiXT script?
78 Difficulties with Q[Role=...] (For question in full, see answer page.)
77 Default value in a table:  Is it possible, in a table, to put a default value in a column ?
76 Is it possible to change the text in a drop down list?
75 "&database" in "guixt.ini" Does the guixt.ini statement 'SwitchTo' support the use of the variable &database?
74 Failsafe guixt.ini (For question in full, see answer page.)
73 Why are SAP error messages not displayed? (For question in full, see answer page.)
72 How can I check if a screen variant is active without knowing its name?
71 Changing table column header: In the table control on the sales order entry screen (transaction VA01), there are two columns both with the name "Purchase order date". So I use the column index in order to delete the second "Purchase order date" column. But every user places this column in a different position using user specific display variants. How do I proceed without creating a separate script for every user? (Or is the column position you reference in the GuiXT script based upon the original column position, and thus unaffected by display variants?)
70 Different images: Can you help us to display an image in a certain screen that represents the "travel type" which the user has previously selected?
69 I'm having problems in the "Deleting menu items" functionality; even if I follow the procedure step by step, I'm not able to delete items. Version currently installed is 2003 Q2 2.
68 How would you hide columns (especially the second one) when they have the same name (VA01 in SAP)?  (For question in full, see answer page.)
67 Multi language support (For question in full, see answer page.)
66 Can a GuiXT input script execute a .bat file outside of SAP?
65 GuiXT version problem: I get the error message "Different versions of guixt.exe and guixt.dll"
64 Filename based on parameter: How can we add a parameter in a filename so that the filename changes, based on the parameter?
63 GuiXT registry settings   (For question in full, see answer page.)
62 What are the various prefixes associated with SAP screen elements?
61 How do I find a list of all current SAP screen elements?
60 Moving fields: I would like to move a field from the PO Header Details screen to the first screen on PO Creation. Is this feasible?
59 SAPWR system specification problem (For question in full, see answer page.)
58 Web repository access, lengthy file names (For question in full, see answer page.)
57 What is the best way to obtain the day, month and year from a date field?
56 Desired delay in screen processing: After saving a particular transaction, the next transaction is automatically triggered. However, I would now like to delay the processing of the following transaction by two seconds or so. Is there a way to insert a delay/wait during the middle of a transaction process?
55 We have a  problem,  "Screen elements F[xxxxxx] not found" and suspect this may be due to "low speed connection" being activated. Can you confirm?
54 Problem with Saplogon Release 6.20:  In my pushbutton definition I use both an icon and a quicktext. This worked fine with SAP GUI 4.6d, but the icon is no longer displayed since we installed SAP GUI 6.20.
53 Could you please tell me how to add an Application Toolbar and attach a function to it using GuiXT?
52 GuiXT and RFC:  I would like to get the decimal separator of the end-user. I created an RFC and then used the Call syntax. The information I want to see on the screen didn't appear. The separator can be an X, a Y or nothing.  What went wrong?
51 Mark function... I have "mark"-ed a number of fields in transaction MMF1 on the Basic Data 1 screen. This screen in our configuration is scrolled as there are too many fields to display in one go. However, when I scroll down to the other fields the "mark"-s stay in the same position, thus looking as if other fields are now marked. When you scroll back up, all appears OK again. Is it something that I have done or is there an issue with marking fields in a scrolling screen?

Do I need a specific browser when I want to a display an html-file with the "Control" statement?

49 I have a problem with the dialog "SAPWR RFC Error" - Can you please help me?
(For a detailed explanation of this problem, see answer.)
48 Is it possible to specify font and color in the text command?
47 I use the command "Tab" as follows:
Tab F[Material] F[Price] and get an error message:
"ligne 101 command Tab is not supported".
Why? Did I miss something?
46 I created a new pushbutton with function code "/*VA01",  in order to skip the initial screen of VA01. Since there are obligatory fields on this screen, I also created a GuiXT script that sets all necessary default values. But this screen still comes up with an error message asking me to fill in the fields.
45 I want to create a new pushbutton that invokes a function that is hidden in the menu. How can I find the internal function code that I have to specify in the Pushbutton command?
44 How can I address a pushbutton without text (icon only)?
43 We are using GuiXT to help simplify some screens for our clients users. When using pushbuttons to call other functions or transactions, we have found that we cannot return to the exact screen from which the new function/transaction was called. Now I would like to know if there is a way to allow the user to go back to the calling screen once he or she has finished with the transaction called up to use the GuiXT pushbutton.
42 Is it possible to use NoInput in a table?
41 Is it possible to reduce the size of the [Image_Container] in the Session Manager?

What is the reason for font problems with R/3 - GuiXT?

39 Can I make the background colour of my R/3 screen client dependent?
38 I try to customize a screen with several tab pages. How can I influence the position of a field on one tab page only? How can I show an image on one tab page only?
37 How can I get an icon in all my R/3 screens?
36 Is it possible to delete columns in a table?
35 Is it possible to delete tabs controls?
34 I am using GuiXT for the first time to enhance some of the screens in our SAP system to make them more user friendly. I am trying to delete most of the fields in the screen ME55 - Collective Release (program: RM06BF00 screen: 1000). The problem is trying to delete multiple fields on the one line from the screen e.g.: Document Type has 2 selection fields and a multiple selection box. I have tried using: DEL [Document Type] "-Triple" but this does not delete all of the line; it leaves 1 field and the multiple selection box. Can you advise?
33 Is it possible to set a default value to a field/radiobutton for which R/3 sends a value?
32 I want to use the functions ColumnSize, ColumnHeader, ColumnWidth for a certain table containing a comma in its title, e.g. "Wholesale, retail and miscellaneous products". But since GuiXT expects the column name after the comma, this is not possible. What is the solution?
31 I'm having trouble with the field content when defaulting or setting a field with another field value, for example:
Default F[Short text] &cell[Table,Short text,1]
The problem is that if the field value contains words separated by blanks, then I'm only getting the first word. What is the way around this problem? Also, is it possible to concatenate values from two or more fields into one field?

Can I use the TAB command for SAP fields and inputfields I have created, other than in tables? Also, can I deactivate the history for one GuiXT inputfield only?

29 Is it possible to start the browser with a given URL by simply pressing a pushbutton?
28 What is the generally accepted practice for distributing new versions of the .exe and .dll files? I ask because the SAP GUI versions that are available from SAP marketplace don't seem to get updated with the latest versions of the executable. Can the older files simply be replaced by the new ones?
27 Is it possible to change the height of a table?
26 I want to use the TitlePrefix statement. But it doesn't work: I always get an error message "Command 'TitlePrefix' not available". What can I do?
25 I am using SAP 4.6B and have modified transaction VA01 with Guixt. I now want to change the height of a box using boxsize. Isn't this function possible with GuiXT?
24 Can I move the function "mark all" onto a pushbutton?
23 In my scripts I use the call-statement; during development I worked with profile, in which RFC-user and password are to be found. I now want to work with Ini files. How can I enter the RFC-user and, more importantly, the password, without everyone seeing them?
22 Is it possible to display a pdf-file in an R/3 screen? 
21 How can I address screen elements with the same name?

Is it possible, within one system, to have different screen variants for each R/3 client?

19 Is it wise to pass on GuiXT to the end user?
18 Is there any risk that SAP transactions will behave incorrectly through use of GuiXT?
17 The guixt.ini file contains a command "replication Yes" and its application makes a copy of each script in the directory
C:\Program files\sappc\sapgui\r3db\guixt cache\sapwr\P01 
which is fine for one session. But when the user opens a new SAP window, GuiXT again downloads scripts it has already read in the first window, increasing the net traffic. Can this be avoided, i.e. can performance be improved?
16 Can I move an entire table into another Dynpro?
15 Is GuiXT also available for SAP under Linux?
14 I have created a transaction variant and added a GuiXT script to it. On downloading the script I receive the message: "GuiXT Script Download RFC Error. No RFC authority for function group SHD0 for user SAPCPIC." What should I do?
13 Is it possible to store GuiXT.ini in the web repository with all the other files?  
12 Is it possible to store the UserCatalog in the web repository with all the other files?  
11 I am trying to set up central GuiXT scripts for a large number of users. The SAP GUI/GuiXT installation however has been done previously, on the local (SAP GUI) directories. Can I force the local GuiXT.exe to use a central .ini-file, that points to the central script folders?

Is it possible to have a statement such as this:


   Do Something...


   Something else...


9 How can I check if a field is an entry field?
8 Does GuiXT support tab controls?
7 How can I include a double quote in a GuiXT variable?
6 How can I address an input field without a name?
5 In which directory should I place the file Lsession.txt (L stands for the language)? 
4 Does Synactive offer ready to use GuiXT scripts for specific applications?
3 How can I differentiate between different clients and databases? 
2 How do I name GuiXT scripts and Input scripts?  
1 How can I create a script?