93 Windows environment variables in guixt.ini: Is it possible to use
&winuser and
in the SwitchTo command within guixt.ini file?
92 Different GuiXT components in different systems: We want to use InputAssistant in one SAP system and GuiXT only in another system. Is there a way to avoid having two different guixt.ini files for these systems?
91 Old version of guixt.ini still active: I work with a local guixt.ini file in C:\Program Files (x86)\SAP\FrontEnd\SAPgui. But instead of the version that I stored there, an older guixt.ini with different script directories becomes active. What could be the reason?
90 Scripts on FTP server: We use an FTP server to store the GuiXT scripts. Yesterday this server was down and the users couldn't work in the SAP system without changing their local guixt.ini file. Is there a way to avoid such a situation?
89 Connect to SAP Gateway failed: Since this morning our users have been getting an error message and cannot work with GuiXT. The error message is a popup with title "RFC WWW_DISPATCH_REQUEST" and the text says "Connect to SAP Gateway failed". The error doesn't occur if the users work with a SAP Logon to an application server instead of using the message server. How can we rectify this?
88 System variable for user group: We use the "UserCatalog" in guixt.ini to assign different script directories to different user groups. Is there a system variable V[_....] available that shows the active user group?
87 Cached scripts: In my guixt.ini file I deactivated the GuiXT script cache with "Replication No". But the scripts from our http server are still stored locally. Is this a bug in GuiXT?

Windows environment variable for guixt.ini path: We would like to set the path for guixt.ini in a Windows environment variable. Is this possible?


RfcCurrentClient and several guixt.ini files: We have a local guixt.ini file in which we use "SwitchTo" for a second guixt.ini. In this guixt.ini we use "RfcCurrentClient Yes" and another "SwitchTo" leading to the final guixt.ini, which does not contain an RfcCurrentClient statement. Will GuiXT then use "RfcCurrentClient Yes" or the default "RfcCurrentClient No"?


IgnoreRegistry in combination with DisappearItems: In my guixt.ini file I use "IgnoreRegistry Yes". In addition I'd like to use the option "DisappearItems " with "Activate GuiXT" in Windows Registry. Will this work?


Settings based on user parameter: We have two different guixt.ini files we want to use, depending on which plant the user has set in the WRK parameter in SU3. How can we switch guixt.ini files?


Where to put the VersionNumber statement: I'm now moving my scripts to MIME repository and I want to use the VersionNumber statement to speed up script access. Is it necessary to put Versionnumber into each script?


Logon script not read: We have implemented the recommendations around performance improvement by enabling replication and the use of version number in both the Esession.txt file and the Elogon.txt file.
However, the logon script is not being read. I have stored it in the corresponding SAP MIME repository directory along with all the other scripts but it is being ignored completely, as if it didn't exist.
What am I doing wrong?


License keys for three systems in guixt.ini: Is there any way to add our three license keys in to the GuiXT.ini file? The following notation didn't work:

Key mycompany.emp.jdmntlkmzrn mycompany.emq.igwmqtlkmzrn mycompanys.emt.zuacmatlkmzrn


Citrix and Performance: We have been using GuiXT trouble free for a long time. Now, having recently introduced a Citrix server environment, we have noticed a performance degradation. What could be the reason?


RFC with saprouter string: When connecting to an SAP system via SAProuter string in the SAPLogon pad, how should the "rfcconnect" in GuiXT be configured?

Below is the sample saprouter string



DisappearItems in SAP GUI 7.30: Why doesn't the "DisappearItems" registry work with SAP GUI 730?
(I checked and it works fine with 720 and 710.)


Cache folder for MIME repository files: Where are the GuiXT files that are in the MIME repository downloaded to? Is it the cache folder specified in "Directory0"?


Envrionment variables: Is it possible to use Windows environment variables in the cache file specification Directory0 in guixt.ini?


guixt.ini in Mime Repository: We are using the SAP Mime Repository for storing the GuiXT scripts. Is it possible to also put the guixt.ini file into the Mime Repository?


RFC error with SwitchTo: I have created a guixt.ini file which is stored in

C:\Program Files\SAP\FrontEnd\SAPgui\guixt.ini which contains the following lines:

IgnoreRegistry                 Yes

StartMinimized                Yes



I then created a guixt.ini file which is stored in SAP MIME repository:


It contains the RFC user and password. When I try to log on to SAP I get an RFC error popup telling me that the logon credentials are wrong. What could be the reason?


License keys for different systems: We have three servers in total (ECP, ECQ and ECT). (ECP is main server; ECQ and ECT are for testing purposes). Is it possible to generate a licence key that will work at the same time on all these servers? So that if user logs in to server ECP then GuiXT will be working. And if that user then logs in for example at server ECQ (on the same computer), GuiXT will be working even on that server, without needing a change of licence key?


Using a zip file for installation: Can you please provide a zip version of GuiXT installation? The guixtsetup.exe installation requires admin rights to be started, so I can't unpack the required files.


Multiple RFC connections: Since upgrading GuiXT to version 2011 Q3 1 we are seeing numerous RFC connections in the SAP session overview SM04. Is this a bug in GuiXT?


guixt.ini in SAP Web repository: We want to work with a configuration file "guixt.ini" in SAP web repository (transaction SMW0). Why doesn't it work?


Different RFC user names for different systems: I have a question related to the GuiXT Profile. We work on different systems, with the result being that we continually need to change the username and password. Can the "Special RFC connection parameters" option be used for this?


Encrypted passwords: I have got our RFC user working correctly now however it must have an encrypted password. I just want to check that the encrypted code I get from one PC works on all PCs as each time I encrypt it gives a different code. What could be the reason?


System variable &client: We have a problem with a system variable in the "guixt.ini" file. It was correct when I used "&database" in SwitchTo command:

SwitchTo D:\guixt.&database.ini

But it does not work when I replace "&database" with "&client".


Directory0: We are using the cache option in the "guixt.ini" file:
Replication   Yes                  
Directory0   C:\GuiXT\Temp

In some PC's we are now getting an error "Could not write to file...". 
How can we provide write permission to the C:\GuiXT folder


Replacing GuiXT files in a SAP GUI patch: We are deploying a new SAP GUI patch level and would like to deploy a particular version of GuiXT with it. Is this possible?


GuiXT version in SAP GUI patch level: Does the most recent SAP GUI patch level always contain the latest GuiXT version?


SAPWR not working: We have implemented GuiXT in our organization. We have a 3 system landscape (development, quality control, production) and we use SAP web repository for storing scripts. We use the setting 'Current Client    Yes' in all servers.

In the development server the scripts are properly executed and the modified screen is seen correctly. The scripts can also be seen in the GuiXT window.

However, when the same scripts are transported to the quality server the modified screen is not visible. In the GuiXT window the window header indicates that the scripts have been read from the specified web repository but the script window is blank. What could be the reason?


Since our ECC 6.0 upgrade we have been facing a problem related to GuiXT. One of our transactions YGUIXTMM is not working properly. Only the Menu bar appears and nothing else works. Can you please help?


Calling another system: When crossing over systems via a dialog to a different system and different client number we have been getting the SAPWR RFC Error "You are not authorized to logon to the target system". Please help.


Password protected network folder: I know it is possible to specify user and password when you put scripts on an ftp server, e.g.
Is there a similar notation for a shared network folder that is password protected? I need it to access images on the shared folder.


Unix directory for scripts: Is it possible to use a shared UNIX directory for storing the scripts?


file command in session script:
We store our scripts in SAP Web Repository. Because of the name length restriction we have tried to shorten the script name     GP0FO3NFZ4SY6ERGX6OIF3601Z3020.1000.TXT
We did this in the script esession.txt using the command
But GuiXT still does not find the script. What is the reason?


We want to use the "Role=" option in the user catalog. Why doesn't it work?


We are considering distributing your InputAssistant component to all our users worldwide and then tracking and reporting the number of active users. Is this costing approach acceptable to you?


Setting registry values: I just applied the registry setting that you describe in Tips&Tricks Nr19; it worked perfectly. Now I wonder whether I can set the "Directory1" profile parameter using this method? What would be the appropriate function in
"Sapgui.InfoCtrl"? With "SetRegDWValueEx" I can set integer values, but no strings.


I have a quick question with regard to storing files on a location that has a password. I know that with FTP servers we can pass the username and password using the notation  but what we want to do is generate a text file and move this file to a fileserver; one which requires a username and password in order to obtain access. How can we accommodate this? The file server is mapped as the "Z:\" drive on the local machine.


Version compatibility: Is it okay to use the most recent version of GuiXT with a previous (6.20) SAP GUI release?


Installation CRLF in registry: We distribute the GuiXT settings, including the license keys, to the various PCs using a central tool. With Window Vista und Windows 7 we now have a problem since the license keys are separated by new line symbols ("CRLF" symbols).


In our organisation we plan to use GuiXT.
We would like to to set two registry keys:
- the first one to activate GuiXT;
- the second one to hide menu options.
Is there a way to employ machine settings instead of user settings?


Just now I tested GuiXT with the testkey, but I couldn't find the button "Activate GuiXT" in the status screen of the SAP system. Would you like tell me what happened with it, thanks a lot. I attach a screen shot of my GuiXT profile where I entered the testkey.


(with regard to question 44): 
What about the fact that the "...\guixt scripts" folder has a "space" in the middle of it?  Can the ini file cope with this, or does the "space" need to be removed from the folder?


Is the following syntax of the SwitchTo statement correct when connecting to a network file:

SwitchTo "\\\\\\dfs\\group\\it\\guixt scripts\\guixt.ini"


We realize that some special characters (e.g. a comma) are not possible as RFC password, i.e. the RFC connection does not work with them. Is there a workaround?


We use an RfcConnect statement in our guixt.ini file:

RfcConnect ASHOST=sr5p44 SYSNR=00

This worked fine as long as we used only one system. How can we distinguish further systems in the RfcConnect statement, since we use a different application server and system number for these systems?


I know that there are several places where GuiXT scripts can be located:
Local computer
Central File Server
SAP Web Repository
HTTP Server
FTP Server
I also know that I can give each user the same guixt.ini file that points to a central guixt.ini.
But which choice would you recommend for 700+ users?


We are upgrading our operating system to Vista and the SAP GUI to 7.10. Do we also have to upgrade our GuiXT 2006 Q1 ?


Please tell me how we can enable logon screen changes via web repository when we work with 
RFCCurrentClient    Yes
When the logon screen comes up there is no client information, so the GuiXT changes on logon screen are not visible.


How do I need to change the registry in order to enable further systems? At the moment the registry entry is as follows:

37 Is there an MSI package available for GuiXT rollout?
36 In my guixt.ini file, I try to use a "SwitchTo" to a Web Repository guixt.ini file. Why doesn't this work?

When we install GuiXT, will setting the SAP server parameters:



cause any problems with our standard GuiXT implementation?

34 In Tips&Tricks Nr. 19, "Handling GuiXT activation in ABAP", you mention a Windows logon exit. What is this?

33 We employ the user catalog with the "role=" option. This works well for all users except one, for whom the role is not found. What could be the reason?
32 Is it possible to run guixtsetup.exe in "unattended" mode, i.e. without user interaction?
31 A problem with our GuiXT configuration.
30 I am trying to upload the GuiXT files to our web repository. Why have I been getting an RFC error ever since I changed the Scripts directory to point to the web repository?
29 What is the limit to the number of license keys in a GuiXT.ini?
28 It is possible to use SAP Router String, e.g.
"/H/" in the RfcConnect command line? 
there any documentation on the RfcConnect command?
27 We have just bought InputAssistant licenses, and I added the license keys to GuiXT profile. But my scripts, which worked very well with the test license, are now not executed. What can be the reason?
26 We want to upload a number files to SAP web repository. I observe that GuiXT replaces a slash '/' in the name with a dot '.'. So how do we handle our own namespace "/xxx/"?
25 I have a question concerning the installation of the search help program ZGUIXTF4 and transaction ZXF4. Are there any risks if I grant all users the authorization to start transaction ZXF4?
24 We want to use a .reg file in order to install the GuiXT profile parameters on numerous PCs. There is a problem with entering the license keys in the .reg file, since GuiXT puts a linefeed between the license keys, which is not allowed within strings in the .reg file.
23 We want to implement GuiXT. How can we save the GuiXT scripts on the Database server itself?
22 In the local guixt.ini, we use a "SwitchTo" to a system-specific guixt.ini file (&database in file name).
21 We need to update GuiXT on around 3000 PCs. Is it necessary to run the GuiXT setup program on each PC?
20 Is it possible to 'custom' install a SAP GUI patch?
19 We have around 4000 users in our system and would like to work with the "user catalog" in order to assign different script directories to different user groups. How can we avoid putting all 4000 user names into the user catalog? It is possible to use the SAP roles?
18 We want to run GuiXT in ITS environment and have followed your documentation. But no GuiXT window comes up on the ITS server. What can be the reason?
17 Updating Synactive GuiXT remotely   (For question in full, see answer page.)
16 Having recently installed GuiXT, I am now unable to activate the InputAssistant option. What is the problem?
15 Is it possible to use GuiXT with Citrix?
14 What is the generally accepted practice for distributing new versions of the .exe and .dll files? I ask because the SAP GUI versions that are available from SAP marketplace don't seem to get updated with the latest versions of the executable. Can the older files simply be replaced by the new ones?
13 Is it possible to use the SAP netinstall tool (frontend setup) to distribute GuiXT files (e.g. guixt.ini)?
12 Is it possible to put the user catalog on a webserver?
11 When do modifications in the user catalog become active?
10 What happens when the user cannot be found in the user catalog?
9 Which script directory will be used for the logon screen?
8 We are working with two productive systems C60 and HR2. Is it possible to specify a different user catalog for each system?
7 Every user in our company needs to use GuiXT. Does this mean GuiXT has to be installed on every single local PC, or it is possible to install it on SAP application server, which would be my preferred solution?
4 Is there a way to deactivate the user's ability to deactivate GuiXT from within SAP
3 Where should we put the guixt.ini file if we work with SAP GUI 4.6D
2 Where should I install the software if I want several people to work with it?
1 How should I install the components?