17 InputAssistant and GuiXT Controls license for one person : Is it possible to get a one seat license for InputAssistant and GuiXT Controls?
16 InputAssistant component not active : We have been working with the "temporary" license file without problems and now want to switch to the unlimited license file. But the component "InputAssistant" is not active with this license file. We have checked that the license file itself includes the component. What could be the reason?
15 LicenseFile and older GuiXT versions: We want to add the "LicenseFile" parameter in our central guixt.ini and wonder whether any problems could occur with older GuiXT versions where "LicenseFile" is not yet implemented?
14 Registry key for LicenseFile: Can you please tell me the name of the registry key for the GuiXT license file?
13 LicenseFile specification with several guixt.ini files: We have a local guixt.ini file in which we use "SwitchTo" for a second guixt.ini. In this guixt.ini we again use a "SwitchTo" leading to the final guixt.ini. Where should we put the "LicenseFile" command?
12 Error popup "Duplicate OWNER line in license file": We installed the license file sent by Synactive and now get this error popup.  What could be the reason?
11 Error popup "GuiXT license file missing": An error popup is shown with the above title and text "Please specify the location of the GuiXT license file in GuiXT profile". What could be the reason?
10 License no longer valid: We have been using GuiXT and InputAssistant for many years. Today I have installed the latest GuiXT version 2014 Q2 1 on my PC and InputAssistant isn't working anymore. What could be the reason? My license key is "xxxxxx".
09 Change of host name and IP address: We want to virtualize two of our SAP systems (DEV and QAS). They will get new host names and IP addresses. Do we need new licenses for these systems?
08 How does GuiXT handle a case in which we have many users, each connecting to several different systems ? Can we place numerous GuiXT license keys in the central INI file, and GuiXT will then find the one that is valid for the current SAP system?
07 A client of my company has a question regarding GuiXT licensing. If they buy a license key for the production system, will they also receive a free license for the quality/test system?
06 We have migrated our database system to DB2 and now have a new SAP installation number . Do we need new GuiXT license keys?
03 If a company buys, say, 100 licenses, can it split these across sites or are they registered for the one site only?
02 Which licenses for which components?
01 How can I get test licenses?