14 Citrix servers and local SAP GUI: We are considering using GuiXT for a mixture of Citrix servers and local SAP GUI installations. Are there any special points to observe? 
13 GuiXT scripts in SAP screen variants: In the SAP documentation I read that you can add a GuiXT script to an SAP screen variant. What happens if the user has not switched on the "GuiXT" option in SAP GUI? 
12 Netwaver Business Client: We plan to use the SAP Netweaver Business Client (NWBC) in the future. Can we still use GuiXT, and if yes, what adjustments do we have to make in our GuiXT scripts?
11 Can SAP GUI scripting be used in conjunction with GuiXT scripts? 

Downloading SAP Web Repository and GuiXT to local cache: I am trying to use the SAPWR to store scripts, html files and images. The script works fine and loads the first HTML page, but any references from this page are not downloaded. My question for Synactive is how can I make it download a set of HTML files, CSS, JS and Images to the local cache. This option is preferred as the content would be available whenever SAP is up, and we would not have to ensure that other central script repositories have the same availabilty.
In other words, how can I download a set of HTML files, CSS, JS and Images to the local cache?

9 Is it possible to use GuiXT with Hebrew, a language written right-to-left?
8 What is the impact of the "low speed connection"?
7 Is it necessary to have ITS in order to save scripts and images in the SAP Web Repository, using GuiXT?
6 What will the traffic increase on our WAN be using GuiXT?
5 Japanese consultants are looking for effective tools to build up user friendly entry screens for SAP R/3, i.e. with our two-byte code.  In short, can we use your GuiXT products in Japan?
4 When using GuiXT features we are sometimes faced with the error message:
"0 capacity problem; resulting screen 76 bytes too large. No GuiXT modification"
What could be the reason?
3 Desired delay in screen processing: After saving a particular transaction, the next transaction is automatically triggered. However, I would now like to delay the processing of the following transaction by two seconds or so. Is there a way to insert a delay/wait during the middle of a transaction process?
2 Concerning the performance impact of using GuiXT with SAP GUI, can you produce some actual figures, i.e. processing time changes?
1 What is the impact of GuiXT on the R/3 performance